There is a very old house in Conyers, Ga that's reported to be haunted. A woman working at this house when it was a restaurant said she was confronted by a ghost while waitressing there and several aptrons of the restaurant reported sightings of strange men. Most sightings were made by children.

Ok the restaurant closes down and the house becomes a antiques store. The clerks report strange sightings of women dressed in vintage clothing and men in top hats who appear briefly and then disappear.

OK the antiques store closes and the house becomes vacant again. There is a bar right across the street from this house and one day I was talking to a Jewish doctor who had just arrived from New York CIty. I told him about the house and he pooh poohed the story saying it was horseshit. Looking out the door of the restaurant I saw the door to the house was open.

I suggested we see for ourselves. With a smug look on his face he agreed. Going into the house we first explored the first floor where the lady had been startled by the alleged spook. Nothing.

Going upstairs the steps creaked like you see in the movies and it was scarier. Not really scary but more spooky. We saw nothing although exploring this very old house was cool ghost or not.

Ok we decided to leave as nothing was to be seen and all of a sudden as soon as the doctor walked by the door behind him slammed so hard it scared the s*** out of the both of us. We looked at the door and there was no reason for it to have done that. We didn't run but I'm sure we were both glad to be out of the house.

OK what happened? I didn't detect a breeze that could have slammed the door like that and even if it had it seems a weird coincidence that said door waited for him to walk by it before it slammed.

This is a weird aside. The doctor told me this strange tale of where he used to work in New York City.

He rented a house with a basement. The previous occupants had two children a son and a daughter who were playing chase. The little girl not realizing a trap door was open fell through the trap door and she was killed. The doctor who now occupied the building said that once when he was in the basement he saw the little girl down there. I said "I thought you didn't believe in ghosts. He fell silent and said nothing.

Jun 9

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