Sister in law

My wife and I have been married for 18 years. In the last year, no more s**. She has lost all interest in it.
At 38 I am very interested in s**. So one night I went out with some friends to a bar to watch a game.
Wile I was there I saw her sister hanging out at the bar. I invited her to join us and she did.
After the game I offered her a ride home because she was tipsy. No sooner did we get in the car, she was kissing on me and going wild.
We kissed for a wile and then I took her home.
We went in her house and were naked in 3 seconds.
I was rock h*** and we didn't even get to the bedroom. After an hour and emptying out a years worth of c**in her, we kissed and she told me she knew her sister wasn't into s**, and she went to the bar to see me.
Now we meet all the time. We discovered that we are both over sexed and cant stop. I am leaving my wife because she has no interest in me any more and her sister just informed me she wants to stop using birth control.

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  • Yes, divorce your wife and have a family with her sister. The sister sounds hot. The only downside is those awkward family get togethers...

  • Knock her up bro,I wish I were in your situation.

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