I frend zone a girl i like cause of a other boy

So iv been talking to this girl for a wile and been friends with her for a wille but she resently asked me who I liked and I finaly told her but I asked here who she like but she said me but she did not no tbh. this went on for wile and she nose this 15 year old boy who fancy her shes 21 and he found out I like her and gave her s*** for it and she went away for acouple of day and she msg me one of the days she came back early and the boy found out I new and basicly msg me say why do you no the girls back how did you find out and I was like to him im no aruge with you about

so the next day I basicly msg her say I do realy like you but with all the crap from the boy I cant do this so I would just want to stay friends but now im like I don't want to be but I don't no what to do because of it any advidece


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  • Repeat posting isn't going to get you any love, Kyle2014. Focus on growing up and learning proper English, in that order.

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