Breaking up and getting over it

I dated just one girl from age 18 until age 21. I'll call her Jane. She was the love of my life. I used to think of her as a goddess.

She wasn't all that pretty. She was big boned and even though she was athletic she looked like she was fat even though she was not. She had nice skin and eyes and blond hair but most people would not look at her a second time except me.

Apparently after three years she wanted other relationships. She seemed bored with me and one day announced we should date other people.

I was surprised because as I said she had gotten bored with our relationship. I knew that if I continued to ask her out sometimes shed go and sometimes she woulodn't and gradually quit dating me altogether.

I knew the situation was never going to get better so I quit calling her rather suddenly. I figured that she could hang out with other boys and her girlfriends and didn't have to suffer boredom with me.

She had not been expecting this. I guess she had our breakup all planned out and she wanted to be the one who instigated it.

MOnths passed. No cards or gifts for CHristmas from me nor any cards for her birthday. She did send me a small unsigned Christmas card which I threw away after the holiday was over.

ONe day at a department store we ran into each other. Neither one of us said anything to the other. She just gave me a long strange smile and I passed her by without saying anything.

She eventually married another man who after some years died. I'm still here. Shes lost her youth and is alone.

I'm not happy. I wish she still had her man with her.

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  • Sad these lost loves

  • I'm the OP and addressing the gentleman or lady who thinks perhaps since my ex girlfriend is widowed we could possibly get together.

    We cannot. Too much time has passed and she lives too far away.

  • Lying stupid s***

  • I'm not sure how many years have passed since you dated her, but she was obviously an important part of your life at one point. Perhaps with the passing of years, both of you have a more mature perspective. And perhaps the initial spark that drew you together with which to begin is still there. If you two are on social media, you might consider sending her a message. That is, if you feel it is worth exploring going forward.

  • She is be sucking hard HIV infected d*** for extra cash and drinks the aids c** and loves it

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