The bouquet FLOWERS WHITE ROSE WHITE Lily. Delivery to Him T CAF

The happened before Christmas Day's and New Year's 2020.

A bouquet WHITE ROSE WHITE LiLY And SMALL CARD BY lITtle CRAB sent to SomeOne at café & Healthy Food. From my intention. But He gave it to HER...

I trust you Always Trust You that You not give to HER..I am evil say anything out Like I'm trying to slander a story, a drama to another around you...Just make it i look more Devils.

** A GIRLS Pics OF the BIG The Bouquet Flowers on SOCIAL. White ROse White Lily Her ****** To Her.
This the flowers from Some ******* give To Her.... *****Flower . Flower from The special One at Restaurants Cafe' Teble...... 🤔🤔Have Dinner and have delivery Nice Flower... **Perfect Time...

But there just similar my bouquet like same one.


I look and look and look again Yes Or No.. Yeah this is the one i Told the Shop Flowers to Decide the Bouquet Flower to GET That One,🤔
Before sending flowers, it took me a long time to think about writing a message on 100 sheets, delete 1000 times, writing 1000 times, writing, erasing, writing, erasing, reading again, checking again, inserting BIN again, checking carefully, never getting the right message. I have to send it. I waste time writing, reading and checking because I don't want to lose Him if you write incorrectly that will hurt and broke feeling . .. I'm afraid that it will be too long and too slow. Before you gone hide from me I'm too late. *** Several months ago with thinking, writing, reading, checking every single time but never sending, That time very ha4d to write and Hard to Write to SaY Sorry hard to get out.
Different another time to just say sorry With out Thinking. Untill i make Sure. Then I chose to send you flowers and cards, I am ready to accept what will happen and the unexpected. But the truth is what I want,
**of course, HIM know what I want and I know what I want. BUT Really hurt the confrontation that happened without planning to support my mind with this. **It hurts more than you walk always from me,That Have SEEN ON SOCIAL . that white roses, white lilies. You gave it to her, you gave her a bouquet of flowers... That my Hurt i give you but you give flowers to HER..
That's the answer You don't love, don't care, don't feel, I understand But You have to hurt me like this? your pleasure I give you after that it is your right. It's just a painful answer for me... Thank LOVe To Teach Love

Feb 16, 2021

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