Gropped on a bus

When I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan had a three day pass and I decided to go to Kamurkura and take in the sights there.
I boarded the bus and boy was it crowded and I couldn't find a seat so I had to hang on the metal hand rails along the roof of the bus to keep from falling all over the place. But as crowded as it was you couldn't fall if you wanted to and the bus pulled out of the line up and proceede4d along the route. at the edge of Yokosuka the driver turned out the lights and the road was rather bumpy and I was having a rather hard time holding myself from falling into the people around me. About 20 minutes into the 2 1/2 hour journey the bus took a lurch and I fell into the guy to my right and he took hold of me and held me up but I was being pulled to him rather tightly I thought and he released his grip on me no sooner he did and the bus lurched again and he took hold of me again but this time his hand raised my skirt above my hips and he held my hip against him this time he didn't remove his hand and I tried to push him away but he held me tight against him and the bus lurched again and this guys hand went beneath my band of my panties onto my bare skin and he positioned it more to the front of me than my side and again he held me tight against him and before long the bust started slowing down and he removed his hands and the lights came on and he whispered into my ear a but stop and to stay there beside him, Ya as if I could move. Several people got off and more got on pushing me tighter against this guy. The bus started in going again and this guy went right back to doing that he was before but now he held one hand covering my left b****** and I tried to push it down but he covered it again but started in making my nipple harder than it was already not only my nipple but my c*** as well and I went limp in his arms and he held me up but taking more of advantage of me and I c** on his fingers and he knew it.
That was all it took for him he now had my skirt raised up over my hips and he had his c*** between my legs rubbing my puss with it. I couldn't help myself and I leaned forward against the back of the seat and he pushed the head of his c*** into my wet puss that was waiting for him and it didn't take long till he shot his load into me and it began to dribble down the insides of my legs and he kept f****** me as much as he could and the bus started in slowing down again but this time he didn't stop but just held still and pulled me tight against him as he whispered into my ear that he was enjoying this trip far more than he ever has before and said thank you and I fell back against him and he pushed more of his c*** into me and I came on him right then and there and I couldn't help myself but I was pushing back against him and that's when he told me the next stop he's getting off but if I* wanted I could get off to and accompany him to his houses as he pulled me even tighter against him and I told him I would have to be back to the base no later than 0600 Monday morning and he said no problem for the return bus or even the train would get me back at 0430 so I said ok against my better judgment. He kinda released me from his tight grip and allowed me to redress myself as much as I could but he still kept his hand on my bare hip. The rest of the three day pass I think he had his c*** in me for 75% of the time and he made a believer of me about the saying it's now how much you have it's how you use it and boy did he know how to use his c*** and his toung.

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  • I thought these bus groping were all bull s*** till it happened to me returning home from Burning Man in Reno last year. My 13 hour bus ride turned out to be a f*** fest for three guys in the back of the bus.
    My usual 13 hour ride was nothing like this one and 13hours seemed like five or six and I've never had so much c** shot into me during that time, now I'm pregnant for my last period never even started.

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