I am in love with the most incredible

I am in love with the most incredible woman I have ever known. She means absolutely everything to me, and I am more than ready to spend the rest of my life making her happy. But she just got engaged to another guy. She knows I love her, but she still wants to hang out nearly every day. The worst thing about it is that I know for a fact she has cheated on him twice in recent memory. She called me at 2 in the morning barely able to speak not long ago. I told her to come over and we would talk. I spent the next 2 hours holding her while she cried. She was barely able to breathe from being so upset.

But if he ever found out, he would leave her on the spot. And I know if that happened I would be the one she came to first. I would console her and tell her everything was going to be ok. And, eventually, I know we would end up together. Nothing in this world could possibly make me happier than that thought. But I can't say anything because I could never be the reason she was hurt so badly, whether she knew it was me or not.

I'm honestly afraid that if I can't be with her I may decide that I don't want to be at all. I've thought about suicide before. The only thing that stopped me last time was the fact that I loved someone and couldn't leave them behind to deal with the pain I'd have caused. Love saved my life then, but it might just end my life now.

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  • i actully know how u feel im in almost i guess the same boat but the girl i love hasnt cheeted on her bf. if u die it seems it would cause her more pain then if her bf did...if u love her then i say tell her one more time and truly mean it but dont let her kiss u. just let her kno (look into her eyes) just dont hurt urself it wont help anything

  • They've been together for almost 5 years (off and on, but mostly on). The first time she cheated, she kissed a guy at a bar about a week after they had gotten together. The second time, she kissed a guy (again at a bar) about a month ago. It's not exactly a common thing for her to do. And we see each other almost every day because I'm moving about 5 hours away in a couple weeks. We've been best friends for so long, it's just not going to be the same without her. Not being with her is one thing. But not even being able to see her is just too much.

  • Shes a b****. If she knows that you love her, but continues to torture you by trying to see you every day, thats just wrong. Besides, shes a cheater. I mean, yea some ppl learn their lesson, but this one seems to only care for the moment and go right back and do it again! Leave her alone and find a better girl. She is NOT the one for you.

  • You don't want someone like that, she'd just end up cheating on you. Get over her, do yourself a favor.

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