Okay. so I know this may not be such a bad case as some other people. but these past three days ive been stressing about so much. the guy ive liked for about 6 months now hasn't been talking to me. im in cheerleading and I have try outs in 3 weeks and I have no partner. I might have to try out alone because my partner left me twice. im expected to get a backhandspring within these three weeks, practice 5 days a week,and still keep up my grades. my parents nag at me everyday because I don't have straight As and I managed to crack my phone and lose my chapstick in under 5 minutes. ive been gaining weight, getting ugly, my nails don't grow and neither does my hair. im spending 1 grand on a sport where my coach yells at me, treats me like s***, and wastes my precious time all for cheer and I don't know if its worth it anymore. like im only a freshman and im put under so much pressure! I just want to enjoy my high school years not worrying about wearing the right color bow to school, or having my hair slicked back, or bringing my pom poms, or spending 3 hours afterschool at practice. I just want to live life worry free you know? I wish it was all that simple.

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  • Life isn't always that simple, but you'll get through this. Everyone has problems and challenges, some are just not always that easy to solve. You need to find balance in your life. And that can be difficult sometimes, no matter how old you are or where you are in life. But it's best to start with listing all the things you need to do and begin to tackle them one thing at a time. It will make things a bit more tolerable for you too. Look at the priorities in your life.. like the boy. So that's exciting, but it's not as important as your health or your school work. So drop that to the bottom of the list. Your health.. the weight, the nails, hair..sounds like stress and possibly hormones. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods (don't starve yourself), exercise and drink lots of water. Maybe take a multi vitamin too if you're not. For the mani and hair, sometimes getting your nails done or hair cut can help with growth. And when you're taking care of yourself, you have more energy to focus on the things you need to do. For the grades, your parents want the best for you. So just keep trying. If you're having trouble in a subject ask for help and maybe get a tutor. Some subjects don't come easy for everyone and school these days put a lot of demands on students. And lastly the cheer.. you can and will do the backspring and learn what you need to if you want it bad enough. It sounds like you have that discipline if you set your mind to it. But having a coach that yells and other stuff doesn't sound fun. And so you do need to make a choice because spending all this time practicing you should be loving this and if you're not you should think about leaving cheerleading. Maybe you would be happier trying out for a different sport. Or trying out in your sophomore or junior year. Whatever you decide will be the best for you.

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