I'm annoyed all the time with my girlfriends kid

I been with my girlfriend for about 3.5 years I am so annoyed with her daughter I buy her things she lives in my house I support everyone and all she does is try everyway to annoy me she loves starting fights she bullies my daughter that is 2 BTW she is six I never in my life have seen such a vindictive kid when she does get me and my girl to fight she points and laughs she runs my girlfriend rugged she whines she does sneaky things everything is fine when she's not around its such a happy home I try I wake up every morning and tell my self I'm not gonna lat her get to me but it does now everything she does gets to me I said I think we should go our separate ways because its never gonna work but she has no job no money and no where to go and its not fair because I do love my girl and I don't want my daughter in a broken home

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  • Child needs a major spanking...

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