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My wife treats me like garbage. I'm so miserable in this marriage but I refuse to give up. For all tge rotten dirty lowdown things she's said to.me and all the mindf*ck games she plays,am I wrong for feeling a little relief when things don't go her way and she has to struggle to get through certain issues in life...because she brought it upon herself...

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  • My wife is very controlling. She treats me like a child. Lays of things to do. Chores. Responsibilities. If i don't do Everthing the way she wants then she refuses to have s** or she will make me give her a massage which can progress to me stimulating her to o***** with my finger but she just says I don't deserve s** and demands i don't m*********. I am just a weakling so i just go along with it.

  • Divorce the b****

  • If you are so miserable why not move on from this marriage? What is the hold? For everything that you are mad at her about can you forgive her for anything? That may be the first question.. You seem to like it when things don't go her way, but being in a marriage it affects you as well..so you both don't win. With her treating you like garbage..not that that's okay, but it seems like you are both not happy with one another. So can this marriage actually be saved? Do you two actually like one another still?

  • Time to divorce her. You can't spend your life in misery. Even when you're not in her physical presence, the thought of her is eating away at you. Rid yourself of that weight.

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