When I was 14 our neighbor who lived with his friend asked me over for a soda for it was one of them 100 degree days and I accepted.
I was sipping at my Pepsi when he came over and started in rubbing my shoulders and it felt so good, it wasn't long till his hands went beneath my blouse and he started in rubbing my b****** and paid particular attention to my nipples and they became hard as rocks and sent tingly messages through out my body, which started to give my body away.
It wasn't long till all of my clothes were removed and I was naked before them both and hands were all over me especially my a*** which he started pushing his finger into me and I'll admit it felt good to me and I raised my ass up a bit off the floor and that's when I felt the head of his c*** against my ass hole and he began to get me wet with his pre c** and slowly he entered me telling me to relax and accept him and I did and it didn't take him long till he shot his load into me, god it was so hot and I wanted more and his buddy came over to me and took over and his c*** was a whole lot bigger and at first he hurt me pushing his c*** into me but that went away to pleasure and he f***** me with long deep strokes and my ass was quivering on his c*** and he turned me over facing him and his c*** never left my ass and he put my legs over his shoulders and started banging me like a animal and I felt his c*** swell inside of me and then I felt the first squirt of his c** and I was in love, my ass bucked against5 his c*** every time I felt his c** entering my ass I went wild. I started in f****** him and he said looks like we found a wild one and I grabbed hold of his hips and pulled him tight against me and I swore he had all 9 inches into me and he continued to fill my ass with his c** and he collapsed upon me and he kept his c*** in me still his breathing hard he managed to kiss me, his toung slid into my mouth and mine in his and he continued to kiss me and fondle with my b****** and my p**** was dripping wet, he started in pushing his c*** back into my ass which it was about half soft but it didn't take long till it was hard as a rock again and he began f****** me harder and harder and I wrapped my legs around his back holding him to me and how it happened I don't know but his c*** came out of my ass and went right into my p**** breaking my hymen and I screamed but his lips kept the scream in my mouth and he continued to shove his c*** in and out of me and then he stiffened and he shot another load into my p**** and he continued to f*** me rolling me onto my side my legs still wrapped around him Jerry the first guy got behind me and I felt his c*** enter my ass again and I was being f***** in two holes by two guys and I swear I could feel their c**** rubbing each other in me and they both came again and I went wild f****** them back and then we all collapsed upon the floor in exhaustion but their hands didn't stop caressing my body making me c** on them again and again finally I said no more let me catch my breath.
I been going to their house daily almost after school for the past 4 years.

Mar 11, 2015

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  • I wanna do that so bad. Sound like nice guys.

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