I don't know if I should tell me

I don't know if I should tell me adopted son that he is in fact adopted.

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  • Tell'em his dad was a f** and his was a w****

  • That's tough. It's all or nothing. Meaning, if you're not going to tell him, you almost have to keep that a secret for your (and his) entire lifetime. But the risk is so great. You're better off choosing a good time to tell him.

  • he deserves to know

  • i would tell him because i know when i was young i was adopted and when i was old enough to understand it they told me, for a while i felt out of place but i got over it eventually and now i feel just like im there real son.

  • I began telling my son from a very very early age that he had another father. He finally met him when he was four. I have to say that my husband, who is and always will be, his DA; has been incredible about this. My son has a relationship with his other father that is pretty close, but it's really like a godfather/godson type of relationship. We have all been good to each other for the sake of our son, it works. We are all blessed.

  • its ok he wont mind....well he probably will but h*** get over it

  • tell him his real parents are ric and to go lokking for them

  • Sit him down and be like, "Bastardo, i gotta tell you something, you.. well.. you arent my son... sorry Bastardo, but i cant go on lying to you. So just lay back and let me make it up to you."

    eww, nasty!

    YA RLY!

  • Best he finds out from you at an early age, rather than finding out by "accident" later, then being upset at you for hiding information. There are also medical implications and expectations. After all you "chose" him.

  • I would. Honesty is the best policy if I were your son. But I'm just me.

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