Controlling uncle

Three weeks ago at a party my uncle gave a demonstration of hypnosis and everyone laughed when he made me bark at everyone like a puppy when someone came into the house but since that time I feel as if he put thoughts into my head for I have been getting aroused every time I see him and him alone.
Yesterday he came over and I was home alone for mom and dad went out of town for the week end and I was sitting there watching TV and he came in and sat opposite me and all of a sudden I had to go pee and I went into the bath room to do just that but for some reason I took off my bikini panties and went back and sat in the chair I was in but I didn't close my legs and I saw Unk looking right up my skirt and I opened my legs a bit further I couldn't help myself and I started in rubbing myself. I couldn't stop and unk kept looking, he said something and I began to undress myself right in front of him and I don't know what happened he got up and left and for some reason I didn't get dressed I was totally nude and I stayed that way till the next morning and I think our neighbors got a eye full fir I saw them looking thru the window at me and I didn't try and hide myself I continued to vacuum the rug and straighten up the living room and they were there just watching every thing I did.
When I got up this morning I dressed slutty which I have never done before but I did this morning. Did my uncle put subliminal messages in my head, did he do a mind control on me for I never showed my puss to anyone not even my mom but I did to him last night. I fear he's going to come over today as well when he get's off of work and what I might do if he does.
Tried to call my GF this morning but got no answer and that's not like her.
No where to go or someone to call.
I'm afraid of what may happen to me.

Mar 24, 2015

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  • This is ridiculous. IF and it's a very strong IF because it can't really happen but IF he managed to have you do something like that, do you really think he'd make it so you knew what was happening? You needed a better story to make it believable. Run along now.

  • Bollocks you b******

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