Lunch time encounters

Ive been having lunch with a female coworker for a few months now. We have each others phone numbers and text almost daily. We are both seei g people. She always gives me lil hints as she walks past my door. Intentionally dropping stuff just to bend over and pick it up in front of me. It gets dirty. She sends me the dirtiest texts while the lunchroom is full. The sexual tension is amazing knowing only we know what our msgs say. One day we decided to go to Subway. We only have a short lunch. We took her car. We looked at each other and knew we were never gonna make it to Subway. We parked behind a warehouse. I leaned over slid her pants down... stuck two fingers inside her. She was soo wet soft and warm. A few strokes of my fingers and she grabbed my head and shoved my face against her soaking panties. I pulled them aside and started licking her sweet juice. I dont think she lasted 5 minutes and she came. Twitching and squirming violently. I wasn't done licking the sweet pussyjuice off my fingers and she already had my barely hard d*** in her mouth suckingand stroking soo good. She sucked by ballz right in her mouth as i shot my load. She looked up ... and smiled. We cleaned ourselves up and went back to wrk. No lunch that day... but both of us had huge smiles on our faces. I think people started wondering that day.

Thanks T.

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  • Illicit s** is just hot & exciting!!

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