I was busted by my sixteen yr old sister recently stroking my c*** on my bed I being seventeen she abruptly walked into my room weeks went by an soon one afternoon she an I was at house alone she came into my room Again this time after knocking she laughed she said you know you should really get a gf you wouldn't be having to do that I made a stupid remark bout she should be the living sister do it for me surprisingly she replied with she hadn't done anything yet. With her bf r a guy I said o she said hesitantly totally embarrassed could she touch it I hesitated at first but after nagging I let her she sit holding it closely inspecting it sTring at it like a f****** alien r something she looked at me then out f****** blue she had her mouth on it an begin eagerly devouring my young c*** like a hungry little s*** I was blown away she sucked an stroked it like. F****** s*** in a p*** flick I watched she got up both us being very athletic In a matter minutes she was naked an devouring it more placing her warm hot juicy teen T*** all over in I was in aww watching a usually quiet lil sister begin to pound my c*** she rode like a f****** jockey isn't he dam my derby bouncing on it jumping off is he went reverse cowgirl on her feet an rode me till her hot little love hole exploded my f****** sister is a squirter she dismounted like a dam gymanist sucking me to a explosion . I lay there after watching her walk nakedly to hall bathroom in a weird freaky kind of sway little chubby s*** her bf is gonna be a lucky son of b**** lol



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  • I was trying to read it but the banjo music wouldn't let me concentrate.

  • Yeah.... That's not real


  • You could have helped him more by taking him in your p****.

  • So some of you actually understood what this illiterate f*** wrote? I gave up within the first 2lines.

  • Yeah.. yeah they should change theis website to dream post

  • Last week I came home a bit to high after a party down at the river and my younger brother who is 16 was sleeping on his bed and I took advantage of him for it didn't take anything to get him hard as a rock and I climb on top of him and rode him for what it was worth and when he awoke when I was putting him into me I told him to lie back and enjoy it. Well now he is after me like 5 times a day come to find out I am the first girl he has had and being he's my brother it don't bother me any or him, we now share the same bed after the folks go to sleep and we fall asleep making luv every night

  • Now I'm fantasizing about f****** you

  • What a lovely sweet little girl. Enjoy the f*** but don't get pregnant.

  • Stop it! This is incest you & your brother are committing!

  • Not incest, pure fantasy...

  • Yeah right

  • It's true

  • I believe it some people can't believe it because there vary sheltered. All they can do is fantasifantasize about that kinda thing. When I was 13 I had three sisters who were 14, 15, and 16 strip me naked, give me a BJ and took turns riding me. They made my lil ass c** three times. Bad thing is they were my aunties BF nieces who were suppose to be babysitting while the adults went out to the bar. Even worse I had like three or four incidents happen to me like this between 13 and 20. Ethier I was really lucky or it was right time, right place.

  • Really lucky dude. Very few boys have a luck like this.

  • My mom's boyfriend had a 14 y/o daughter, maybe 13, I was 9. God the things that girl did to me! I still have a scar. I need you back in my life where are you Sherri?

  • I AM ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN. I am a girl 16 and last year all five of my neighbors had their way with me, It started when they wanted to play Twister and after a bit it became kinda sexual with me getting groped and felt up. After 9 hours of being f***** in every hole I was so sore, but now it continues every Saturday when our parents aren't at home if they are we go for a walk and end up in a old shack in the woods.

  • That is called life, live it and share happiness. I never had a chance like that.

  • Yeah wtf. That whole thing was like three sentences and impossible to read and more impossible to believe.

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