Curiosity between two friends

I am a 16 year old girl and I have many female friends. We share secrets with each other and talk about boys and all the usual things teenage girls do. However I have one friend in particular who is a lot "friendlier" my other gal pals. Now she's never acted apon her feelings and neither have I but it's obvious that we both find each other physically attractive. She's even said NUMEROUS times in front of other people (playfully but still serious) that she's finds me attractive and that she'd "go gay for me" LMAO. The thing is I'm not as open as she is about my attraction to her, simply because I don't want to be labeled "homosexual" or "bisexual" I have NO problem with either preference but I've never thought of myself as being either of the two. Now the question is, should we act on these feelings?? It could potentially ruin our friendship and I don't wanna loose her as a friend. But to be honest if I ever do have my first "experimental stage" in terms of s** (when I'm older of course) I'd defiantly like it to be with her. BUT WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!??


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  • I am a girl 16 and in somewhat the same boat also.My best friend is 16 also and we are very close and share our feelings etc.She is a bedwetter and wears cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night and when i sleepover at her house,i wear them also.We sleep in her bed and we like to cuddle and run our hands over each others diapers and plastic pants and pretend we are babies.We both enjoy this and no one else knows about us.I am afraid i might become lesbian if we continue on.

  • "Wait until 18 before deciding?" Yeah, because that is when we all magically become wise and make the right decisions. Dumb. You are who you are and your morals and upbringing are part of that so like below, don't worry too much about labels but do keep it in mind since it will affect you based on your concern for it. As long as there is some trust in the other person, you do not need to feel at risk. Weigh in the pros and cons and go from there.

  • Dont define yourself with a single label or the idea that there is only a set number of types of relationships.

    For example you can kiss and touch her and she you and that does not mean you can never have a relationship with a boy.

    I am married with a child and love my husband greatly and do not want to leave him. At the same time I am having a hot affir (honest name here ) with another mom.

  • Wait till you are 18 before you decide.

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