Why can't you people just get along?

I work in a workplace that have people of many races; and since I spoke 7 languages ( English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, conversational Spanish and French ) due to my huge interest in languages I blend in quite easily with different kind of people.

I even take pride in being a sort of translator to some of my co-workers who wants to have a conversation but find it a little hard due to language barrier. Its fells so nice sometimes, seeing people of different culture trying their best to get to know each other and learn their respective unique culture.

Sometimes, it drives me crazy.

I get that some people are racist and they just wont change their mindset towards certain people. Some people even gossip out loud on how this person is such an idiot in their own language; this causes the others asking me who were they saying or which specific group they are implying.

Really? We are all adults now for Pete's sake! Act professional will you? I get it you don't like a person of another race but to do it so childishly? What are we? Kids?

And the most irritating part is if its on a meeting table where one side will spout out insulting words to another race in their language and the other side will follow suite. The reason this angers all of them despite the language barrier is because f*** you is apparently a universal language.

This matters to me because I try so hard to make them get along because I'm one the group leaders at a department. And frankly, with all the racist insults going back and ford makes me think why they even sign up for the job which dealt with people of unique culture; or if they are all hypocrites. What worst is that their mindset are beginning to influence the teamwork of all the people.

And to me it gets irritating because it felt like I was watching the movie in the cinema and others ignore the movie and kept talking. Thats how distracted I felt.

I dont care if you hate this race because some guy messed you up long ago, I don't care if did this to you long ago to make you hate them like no other. If I ask you if the same person with the same race as yours did that to you, would you act the same way? We're all human beings!

And even then, we are adults. Even if you hate a certain person, please leave the hate out of the workplace; it makes you look like a douche and a b***** hypocrite who preach harmony and peace.

Either get along or don't. Just don't bring your internal hate to others or if its to proclaim your hate so proudly when you know most people don't agree with you. Maybe your're blind or narrowminded for thinking human beings are separate by colour or race and need to be judged as such.

Well here's a wake up call. they don't.

Apr 4, 2015

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  • Your post is just full of s*** . All manage to get along that’s why the country not in total chaos like Afghanistan . You don’t have to care , just have to learn and stop acting cool with everything . I speak 8 languages also . What a top moron

  • Huh, it's almost as if racism isn't limited to just black vs white. Who knew!

  • I use to work in a department store a very well known chain and I couldn't take it any more so I quit but not before letting my boss know just exactly how I felt and why I was quitting.
    There was five different races in the department I was working in and to everyone's face they seemed like they all got along. Bull s*** they were the most back stabbing b****** I've ever seen in my whole life. It seemed like the whites tried to get every one else fired and they did some of the cruelest things to the other girls and Hispanics were the worst. Hispanics would do most anything to get whites the h*** out of that department and they weren't happy till they over ran that department and took over. everyone blamed it on the language barrier and a lot was but I managed to get along with most everyone except Hispanics. They didn't want to even try and get along with anyone out of their race and they held a grudge to the end.
    It was because of the Hispanics in the department I worked in because I left. They would even steal items put them in others lockers and wait till the heads came in and searched and get the other person in trouble but I went to the department heads and told them what was going on and set up a big trap with hidden security cameras and 21 people got fired the first month alone, then everyone that was left was starting to really come down on the ones remaining and the new employs didn't have a chance in h*** of sticking out their probation period unless they were Hispanic as well. Their numbers just got to big is the main reason I left.

  • I feel like this every day...

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