I hate men

I hate men i wish all men were slaves who's only purpose was to serve us women
all men are mind less brutes who only want s**& to sit around all day doing nothing

women are cursed with beauty
man's only understanding of this is wow shes hot lets have s** & leave you with a child or 2

women should be treated like queens not the slaves men want us to be.



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  • Who wants to bet op is fat and ugly. and no good man wants her so she hates all men because she can't have the good ones.

  • Women have a tendency to be attracted by selfish unreliable men. They tend to reject men who are nice to them and want to do things for them.

    You ladies reap what you sew. Hang out with an a****** and you'll be treat the way a******* treat people.

  • My husband treats me like a queen all the time and when he gets home from a hard days work he's treated like a king and I love giving him all the tenderness he deserves. It's a two way street folks, wake up and smell the roses. You get what you deserves and if you're treated like s*** ok what can I do to turn this around and go for it....

  • If you're not being treated like a queen it's because you're not worth it. If you're not interesting, then beauty would be a curse. You'd attract them but not interest them so it's no wonder they'd bail on you after s**. Not going to waste time on an uninteresting person regardless of how beautiful they are. And an interesting person who isn't kind will be left in the dust, too. If you're not the mate you want, you're not going to find the one you want. If you're only getting crappy mates you have no one to blame but yourself. You're attracting them, you're courting them, and you're fostering their poor behavior.

  • Sounds butt hurt hahahaha stupid w**** did last client not pay you.

  • Did you just say I sit around all day? I am sorry... I can't understand stupid.
    You see, I work on a oil rig... For 14 days at a time, and usally 12 to 16 hour shifts. So my ex wife can sit around all day and be "cursed" with beauty I guess. On my dime. Sounds to me like women these days are all just simple minded wanna be equals. Well if that's the case than that biiish should get off her butt and work on a rig 14 days a week. Bet she wouldn't be so cursed with that "beauty" very much longer...

  • I am what is knows as a submissive man. I have a wonderful relationship with my dominant wife. I guess what I am saying is that a woman does not have to "hate" a man or men in general. They can be in control and be loving and not be pestered by men.

    So in our marriage, I do almost all of the support type work. Cleaning, shopping, some of the cooking although she enjoys cooking so she cooks. I clean the kitchen. Do the washing.

    I get fulfilment from seeing her happy and from serving. I am also a m******** and physical pain helps me to maintain a submissive mindset. So she will whip me, spank me, cane me. This is both a reward and a reminder of my position and helps to maintain that submission. It is also extremely intimate.

  • On your knees, b****!

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