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My wife is very controlling and this includes controlling what our kids wear. In a wierd way I find this inappropriately arousing. Like what I mean is that she insists on a sort of cute childish preppy look. So our 16yo daughter is made to wear white socks that come to below her knee. Either with short shorts or just above the knee skirts. So inappropriate in many ways. Both visually sexual in a way that my wife is totally oblivious to and also the way she is so controlling and also I disgust myself that I support her for such inappropriate reasons.

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  • Your wife is crazy for being so controlling but, at the same time, WTF is with her clothing choices? This is the kind of thing you do to your kids years before they have drug problems and end up in prison because they desperately wanted to escape.

  • Don't get the connection

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    What I did not say is that she is pregnant with my baby.
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