It makes me hot... Daddies.

It makes me legit hot when I see a man being an awesome dad.
For instance. You get on your hands and knees so your three kids can climb on your back to see over the railing at a game?
(My breath catches.)
You take turns painting nails with your girls and their friends during an afternoon play date?
(Oh god.)
You build a play set when you hear a neighbor hood kid tell your son they wish they could swing?
*Breathes heavily* I think I'm wet.)
Proudly wear a baby sling and read to a sleeping little one?

Its simple as this. Men who take the responsibility of fatherhood seriously (be it their biological child or not idc) are fine as h*** because they are dependable, typically good humored, nurturing, and f****** hot!

I see my husband attempt pig tails on our girl? Hot. I see a stranger doing it? Still hot.

I wouldn't say I have daddy issues but I would love to test drive some of the dads I see on the play ground or the inflatable bounce house.


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  • Of course it makes you all hot and slimy! A man who takes care of rugrats will happily watch them for you while you sit on your ever-expanding ass telling all your Instagram "friends" how "tired" you are from doing "the most important job in the world." So your reaction works out well, since gushing pu$$y juice is the best and probably only worthwhile thing you have to offer.

  • Lol this is stupid

  • I'm a great dad with a huge fat c***

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