I dont know

I'm not even depressed,or sad.
I'm pretty happy with everything.
everything would be a lot better.
its just this family.
always taunting me to kill myself,no one wants me,ect,
its tempting.
I dont see a point to life(in a physiological way/view point as in humans have no purpose)
I'm barely 14,and yeah,I'm whining. Boo f****** hoo,not like there's anyone who cares in general or anyone to say it to.
of course that's not your problem,so don't worry.
I'm going to go take a shower,the first thing that got to my mind was. " take a bath and throw the blow dryer in!" why not,honestly?
I dont have friends that care,all I have are a few people I've known online for about 4-5 years I dont ever really talk to,I just shitpost and comment on their statuses.
who knows?

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