Wish for a life coach

I often misread socail cues. I under or over react. I wish i had a person who would teach me or help me to react the right way. I know I talk to much and I tend to talk about me so I have been practicing not doing that but it would be nice to do it with somone who could coach me with that and other things

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  • No one is going to spend the time to follow you around and coach you, unless you pay them a lot of money. YOU are going to have to learn to be more restrained. You misread social cues because you are focused on yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings and not the people around you. Try doing some charity work, focus on others, volunteer. I doubt you'll take the advice. You sound like someone who wants a quick, painless fix (i.e. a coach to pay attention for me and tell me when I'm over the line ). Hope you can get it together. There are a lot of great people out there, but social interaction is about 'sharing' the conversation.

  • In the same boat, have found reading material that helps. The more I read, the more I suspect that I might have a mild form of Autism. The doctor suspects Borderline Personality Disorder. Whatever it is, the reading material has helped me to teach myself how to rewire my brain. And the social cues can improve (works for me) by watching how other people react to social cues and I copy 'normal' people. When in doubt, sit it out! :-)

  • Thankyou good idea. I will try that. It's nice to have somthing like that to try.

  • Remember that the most boring letter of the English alphabet is "I". It's okay to talk about yourself. But if you feel it's too much, maybe for every time you talk about yourself, you ask two questions to the other person. Don't interrupt and really listen and learn from what they're saying. It's a huge plus that you even notice that you do that and want to better yourself. Maybe even an honest friend could also help you.

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