I am a Serial Spanker

I am 42 years old and married, but I have a secret addiction: I pick up young women and spank them. Most are 18-20, but sometimes older. I have found that very many women like to be spanked, and I have figured out how to talk them into it. The 'Daddy' approach works very well.

I usually meet them in shopping malls, working at fast food restaurants, etc. I spank them in my car. I make them put on nude pantyhose or white tights, and I start (if they are okay with it) by groping their legs and bottom, and between their legs, through their tights. Then I spank them until they can't take it any more. Most of them cry, which I absolutely love.

Sometimes I talk sweetly to them, and sometimes I'm really mean; being mean really helps them to get the tears out. Most are one-timers, but I have a few regulars. I don't have s** with them, not even oral, but I do usually get them to m********* inside their tights for me.

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  • I get ya. I spank my wife. Sometimes as foreplay, but usually for behaviour. I discipline her to help keep her on track. She loves the help sticking to her goals but gets a bit put out when she gets it for acting out. I don't think I could be in a relationship with someone who didn't want to be spanked and, luckily, I don't have to worry about that.

  • After a couple of years of marriage and many issues,arguments and attitudes I took her in hand. Another argument and lots of attitude and after getting out of the shower I took my naked wife across my lap and spanked her good!
    Afterward I gave her the choices, go home to her parents or she could stay and behave or I'd spank her again.
    She chose to stay,behave or get spankings.
    That was eight years ago and probably about a dozen spankings ago.
    My wife is a great wife! Don't know if it's age,spankings or a combo but she's great.
    If I need to I'll ask if she wants a spanking and That's usually enough of a wake up call for her. If she really crossed a line when we are out I let her know it's enough and she's getting spanked as soon as we get home, and she does. At home she gets plenty of warnings then I bare her bottom and spank her.
    Once we had a gathering and her conversation was political and heated. I was working in the kitchen with her sister and sent her to tell my wife to back off of the politics. After ignoring the warning her sister commented on it. I sent her back to quietly tell my wife, calm down or Id give her a spanking. My sister in law whispered it to my wife who quickly left the conversation. My sister in law saw the quick results and said to me, "So that's your secret."

  • It's the other way around for me. I love being spanked by a woman. My wife will do it, but she thinks it's sort of odd and I can't disagree. I've loved being spanked since I was a little boy - as long as I can remember.

  • I ... ok let's face it I like that too. I do it to my wife. It's exciting in one way. I started even before we were married but ramped it up after marriage. I insist on slightly too short skirts. I love tights. Esp white ones. Sprints I make her wear tights 24/7 except of course when she is showering. The flip side is she is now fragile, in sexual, distant. Like she does as I tell her but she is depressed in a way. So i enjoy her body and control her clothes and diet but she just complies. There is a lack of intimacy and coldness that is disapointing.

  • That is my fantasy too. To a t. Spanking. White tights. Would love to hear how you do it. For me it remains just a fantasy. What words do you use. Describe some examples. Even ones where you are rejected.

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