i always make it a point to see if i

i always make it a point to see if i can steal guys from my older sister, and 90% of the time it works. she throws herself at them, and i play it cool. she prances around in too small clothes and i show just enough. she's one of the most deluded individuals i've ever met and thinks that everyone loves her and that her shiiiiiit don't stink. it's pathetic how much satisfaction i get out of hearing people say how much they hate her and how much cooler, prettier, etc i am.

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  • I would be happy to sleep with your sister a few times and then have you steal me away from her.

  • :-* someone obvvvv has a hotter little sister and is a tadddd bitterrrrrr ;)

  • ^whatever b****, you are a f****** loser!

  • actually, i'm not jealous of her, it just p***** me off to no end how she is constantly telling me how pathetic i am because i don't date a lot and how all of our friends like her so much more than me. i don't even tell her when i get with the guys or when people say those things to me. it just gives me a silent sense of satisfaction knowing that she's deluded and wrong. so hop offffff

  • Poster #2: The girl is obviously jealous of her sister, otherwise she wouldn't have come on this site to boast about how much greater she is. . .If she really were, then she would be content with knowing that. . .not telling all of us about it!

    PS She is not playing it cool, she steals her sister's boyfriends. . .but karma will come back to her anyway!

  • Damn, some one had their Wheaties p***** in this morning.

  • ^Listen up crotch stain, it called sibling rivalry and from what I can tell the OP didn't do anything wrong. She played everything cool and acted herself. So here's an idea for ya, why don't you grow some b****, bend over, and go f*** yourself. Blame yourself for being your parents mistake you piece of s***. Noone ever loved or cared for you.

  • You are a little b****, and if I were your sister. . .I would kick your ass all over the house!!

    Your sister is better than you, and she always will be. . .it is eveident by your jealous-assed post!

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