Secretly killing myself

That I throw up almost every morning because I can't not drink myself to sleep at night. I am killing myself for no reason and dont know how to ask for help.

May 11, 2015

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  • My Mom did that too, yeah she died because of it. Hope you can get help.

  • Why not try an on-line support group to start with such as Daily Strength, or look online for books that might help. It's helped me out to a great extent but I couldn't say I'm totally ok.

    Good luck,


  • You have nothing to be embarrassed about, ashamed of, scared of.. you are one step closer to getting on to the road to recovery. It's one day at a time. Your life awaits. You can do this. People you don't even know support you. Definitely call someone. A doctor may be your best bet because they can assess you to get you the care you need. If you are an alcoholic and are unable to function without drinking, you may need a medically supervised detox. Alcohol is not something you can just stop drinking - if you are heavy drinker. And if you have an eating disorder - you may need a facility to help you with that disease. If you're not happy or satisfied with the care you are receiving, do not give up. Just keep on and stay on top of it.

  • Go to an AA meeting (they're everywhere, all the time), see a physician, or call a social worker. There are programs out there that can help. It's true that they may not all be effective for you, but at least some of them WILL be effective for you. You can get through this, believe me. And if you want to, you will.

  • Big d*** exploded into the ass.

  • You took your first step today? Or thinking about it? Which is the more difficult? Tis but a journey, but not a walk, a step at a time?

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