Babysitting was an excuse

From 16 years of age I got fairly frequent requests to babysit for family and neighbours. I always said yes and arrived homework books under my arm to pass the time. At that age I was really into masturbating and having so much assured uninterrupted time, once the little darling(s) were asleep was the real reason for my acceptance. Yes I did my homework but rather than watch TV I would rub out o****** once work was out of the way. It was pre nannycam days so the only worry was someone coming home or my charge coming down stairs but I dressed to allow easy self access but instant modestly by just standing to let my skirt drop back into place. I was never caught and unlike the fantasists did not have steamy s** with the father or go trying the mother's s** toys (if there were any I never knew). Why confess then? Well I was getting paid to have fun.

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  • That is pretty great. And while none of the other 'fantasy' elements were part of it - there definitely is the fantasy for all of us that after our own little 'darlings' are asleep the babysitter is getting off in the living room ;-).

    I suppose the question is - if you had known about s** toys or if the dad had walked in - would you have even wanted to act? Or were you completely content just to m********* and that be it?

    Thanks for the story!

  • Have always wanted to cream the p**** of a babysitter and hear her squeal- you sound hot ;)

  • Great story, I'm male and old now. I used to were jogging pant and big t-shirts and would w*** my self off. Nearly got caught a few times but the clothing saved me. The excitement of nearly being caught, made me harder and went to the bathroom and finished what I started, gun days

  • Lucky! Maybe we should babysit together sometime lol

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