Entitled to watse water

I live in california. we are in a severe drought, and have been ordered to conserve water. well, i live in a town that has no water meters and we are charged a flat rate for water usage. i love that fact that i am priveldged to use as much water as i want. we take leisurely 20-30 minutes showers. when i go to cook in the kitchen, i hate to have to turn the water on and off, so i just turn the water on full blast in the kitchen the whole time i'm in there, sometimes for 2 hours. who cares? not me. on hot days, my kids play outside and turn on the garden hose. the other day, the hose was running all day and all night because they came inside and never turned it off. i don't care. i'm entitled to all the water i want. is that wrong. i don't think so. let other people conserve water. i won't because i'm not like everyone else.



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  • Figures OP is a breeder. The second the placenta gets shoved out, it's replaced by a sense of entitlement.

  • I agree with the woman who posted this. We pay taxes. Now they tell us we cant use water. What's up with that? I too am very fortunate to live in a non-metered city in california, and we purposely use all the water we want. actually, we purposely waste water. I agree. I feels sooooo good. There is nothing like taking ALL day to wash our cars and letting two hoses run full blast the whole time. What a pain it would be to run and turn the hose on and off all the time!

  • You are "entitled" to no such thing. You are only entitled to your allotment, and no more.

  • What the f*** is my allotment is there are no meters? i think anything i want. in fact, my children regularly fail to turn off the hose water outside. i mean, i could go outside and turn it off, but i am quite frankly too f****** lazy, and just let it run. a lot of people in our neighborhood wontly waste water, and my house isn't the only one with water pouring down the street into the gutter. i just don't see how california's problem is mine. especially since i get no punishment for using all i want. my kids don't worry about turning the water off. do i yell at them? i don't even mention it. the next day, they go out there and the water is already running, ready for them to play some more. how great is that? i just don't think i need to suffer.

  • I agree, and don't conserve water either.

  • You and the OP should both be beaten.

  • F that, we all pay taxes and if you wanna waste water then waste it.

  • I call B.S.

  • In an apocalyptic world I would shoot you first!

  • You take 30 min golden showers

  • The reason you don't conserve water isn't because you aren't like everyone else. It's because you're retarded. And a criminal. And an a******. Congratulations. You should be proud.

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