Love wasting water even more now

I posted earlier that I live in a county of drought-stricken California where we have no water meters. We all just pay a flat rate for water and use all the water we can. Recently, California has tightened down the water restrictions even more, making it even more of a pleasure to waste as much water as I can. I just feel so special and entitled, I can't describe the feeling. I'm encouraging my kids to waste as much water as they can, and I and my husband use water like there's no tomorrow. I love it. It makes me feel so special and sexy somehow. Today, we washed all 3 of our cars with the hose running full blast the whole time. When we were done, I decided I was too lazy to walk all the way up to where the hose bib was, so I just let the hose run, and went inside. It's still running full blast. Do I care? No. In fact, I love it. Let the state figure out how to get more water to us. I am going to keep wasting it as much as I can and loving every minute.

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  • I think you're a dumbass!

  • Just to be clear: what you're doing is now a crime.

  • I'm so glad you are doing what you're doing. We live in CA too, but with meters we are forced to conserve. It really sucks. I encourage you to waste all the water you can. I think the state should figure out how to get us more water. What are we paying taxes for anyway? I encourage anyone who can waste water to do so as much as possible.

  • Thanks! I was just thinking, why should I do anything to conserve any water at all. I think we will make our lives more convenient by just having the water run in our kitchen and bathroom faucets 24/7. Why bother turning them on and off? Such a bother....

  • This is outrageous, there is a drought and your f****** about with all the water when people dont have it. STOP!!

  • Yup! We f****** about with the water. Today, we all went over to the neighbors who have the pool and had water play all day with 2 hoses running full blast all day long while we all played. My neighbor and I smoked all day while we watched our kids play in the water. hoses running for 6 hours or so. Neither of us gave a damn. That's just how it's like in our community. The water comes out of the hose just fine. What kind of problem can there be???

  • Pity you can live in a society. Have all the advantages but not care or contribute

  • Dang you're the definition of an a******. Do you torture small animals too? Think of others instead of just yourself. I live in a state where there is no drought (thank heavens) but I still try and save water. It's just better for the environment. Don't be a d***, turn of your spigot...

  • I think you are awesome. I wouldn't give a f*** either!

  • Thanks! I figure if I should save water, I should get a tax break!

  • Entitled much? *I* think you should be taxed EXTRA for pushing out a litter of new little over-consumers. Pray someone like me doesn't get elected to a public office in your lifetime, because it's coming :)

  • Still taking those 60 min golden showers ?

  • How you gonna feel when they actually run out of water because of it being wasted? Yeah, probably like a right idiot.

  • They're no gonna run out. They'll figure something. Besides, it's not just me.Our whole community seems to not have a care about water conservation. We all have lush green lawns, clean cars. In fact, not a day goes by when you don't see water pouring into the gutters from someones house. In fact, last weekend, our neighbor across the street bought one of those big portable pools for his kids and filled with and we all spent a day in the pool and with hose play outside of the pool. I tell you, this sense of entitlement by not having water meters is not only exhilarating but contagious.

  • Apparently there's something else that's contagious that I didn't know could be contagious: retardation. Good luck to you, MORON!

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