One random drunk gay night?!...

I am a stright male, 28 years old, Avrage build, Average life. I have never been gay or bi or even experenmented ever.
One night I get super drunk at the bar, a random guy offers to give me a ride home, I was wasted, never thought he was making a move at all, he was hitting on girls all night, we get to my place, he helps me up the stairs, inside the house, than starts undressing me. I didn't even relize I guess what what going on. I was laughing and throwing myself around like a nut, and all of a sudden he leans me over the bed, tells me I better get in and go to sleep and starts kissing my neck, at this point I feel him insert himself into me, he had his pants around his ankles, I didn't know what to do so I just said Ummm what are you doing? He said just I helped you out getting you here, just figured you would help me out, and you haven't cared thus far, he started kissing my neck and pumping away slowly f****** me, I relized... I had just led this guy on all the way here and up to my bed... So I just laid there and took it out of embaresment. He came in me, and kisses me on the mouth and left his number and left. I just went to sleep. an the next morning scrubbed myself and did a enma and just basically haven't ever talked about it since. Sad thing is.... Now that I look back a year later..... It was kind of Hott.

May 19, 2015

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  • Similar thing happened to me, but we just did oral together. Don't know why he picked me, but I keep thinking about it. Might be willing to try it again, but I don't know how to know who would be willing to do this with me.

  • I wish you were my next door neighbor mmmmm

  • It is what it is. Drunken shenanigans. Enjoy the memory

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