Watching my wife get pounded

I keep thinking about my wife getting fu**ed hard by another man.
I often imagine setting up a camera or hiding in the wardrobe so I can can watch her moan with pleasure.
I don't last as long as I would like to And would really love to watch her get the best s** that she deserves.
I know she has had bigger in the past and I have tried to convince her to spice things up but she says she is happy with me.
The thing is, I've been cheated on in the past and don't think I could handle her enjoying it more than she does with me but at the same time can't stop fantasising about it!!
Has anyone any advice/experience with this and what they did to resolve it?
Also, am I the only one that fantasises about seeing my wife pleasured by someone bigger and better in the bedroom than me? It's starting to make me feel inadequate and causing issues with the sexual side to our relationship.
Thanks :)



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  • I love to fantasize about it and role play but could not actually do it.

  • Shared my wife with family and strangers for 20 years. Sometimes I would join in, but mostly loved watching her getting f*****.

  • I come in at just about 9", but she absolutely f***** bigger. Her biggest c*** I believe was around 14" on a big black co-worker of hers, and I am sure there were others that were bigger.

  • Its not strange at all. It's the way men are wired. We are gets us off. watching women have s** is wired in to get us hot. Now take it a step closer and personalize it. What is more erotic than the person we are supposed to love the most and most usually the object of our fantasies..the person that turns us on most..have that same s**..but with someone else. It drives all our hormone levels through the roof. The fact that society tells us we're SUPPOSED to be jealous is only part of the fun. The fact men find it thrilling to the rest. Once over the myth that it's not ok, and the realization that s** is natural and that we don't OWN people..that it's like them to enjoy and experience different s** outside us is a freeing experience. ALA you are mature enough to allow tyour lady to have fantasies of her own and that they may not include and honest, non judgemental communication is a relationship builder.

  • Want to braoch the idea..first be sure you are mature enough..then some mainstream movies that have some positive connotations in extramartial s** like coastlines, or torremolinos 73, or even the grass is always greener..with cary grant..can open some pillow talk doors..then progress to who might she be open to bed that you judgement though

  • We use to do 3sums MFM and there is nothing sexier than watching my wife in the arms of another man. Seeing her get turned on by him, and him getting hard using my wife. I love it.

  • You need to get some hot videos to introduce her to seeing real amateur wives getting some big c***. I allow my wife to play. Didn't happen over night. But with patience you can get her to try

  • I like watching my chubby wife being stripped by a couple of my mates and then giving them blow jobs and full s** and watching them play with her body while they are still dressed is wow

  • I have the same desire as you . for my wife to pleased by another man all the way . and this feeling I have never goes away .

  • Yes, my wife Sheree used to get pounded by other c**** as I watched. We started out with her doing bachelor's parties sa a stripper and h*****. No we just pick up guys here in town.

  • Must be nice to have such an open minded wife , you are truly lucky.

  • That's a hot fantasy! I have made it reality,because wifey deserves it!
    Find more on my blog...

  • You got them l*** demons they are strong!you do this you will regret it. The demons are getting the real o***** not you. F*** your wife properly and don't introduce fantasies it's evil and unnatural. G****** p*** has everybody f***** up.when this Samsung helmet comes out human beings can f*** whoever they want in reality.a fake reality

  • I would love to watch my girlfriend get pounded by another guy. After he c*** inside her I would take my turn with her. It turns me on just thinking about it.

  • Discuss it with her. I have found that my wife, or gf already had someone in mind that they would love to f***.

  • So you are saying you don't believe you are satisfying your wife in bed, and your idea is to watch your wife being pounded by another man that would do her better than you? So I have two thoughts on this. One being, you are trying to push your wife into leaving you, because obviously you think she only cares about your D*** and not you. Second being, maybe you aren't as worried about not satisfying your wife as much as just seeing another man f*** the s*** out of her. Either way you are a dumbass!

  • There are many of us. I love watching my wife f*** other men.

  • I also keep thinking about watching my girlfriend get pounded by another guy in our own bed. The bigger and better in bed he is, is part of my fantasies too. I would want him to blow his load in her and make her nice and hot and wet for me. Then after they are done , I would like to go for second`s and enjoy pounding her as long as could before I filled her with my c**. I love the thought of his c** on my d*** while I f*** her. I say go for it, I would!

  • When I took seconds, I would always have my wife suck my c***. So very hot, watching your wife suck another mans c** off your c***, knowing her c*** was still full of lhis baby batter.

  • I married my wife because she was a s*** and I wanted a wife that would f*** who I wanted. I asked her to marry me the mourning after I got her drunk and two friends and I did her hard.

  • I too wanted a s*** wife. Mine was f****** her brother and doing mfm with him and me.

  • Ill f*** the s*** out of your wife 9x6 d*** here

  • Can I have that divine chance of being with your wife

  • 15Drink water from your own well—
    share your love only with your wife.b
    16Why spill the water of your springs in the streets,
    having s** with just anyone?c
    17You should reserve it for yourselves.
    Never share it with strangers.
    18Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
    Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    19She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
    Let her b****** satisfy you always.
    May you always be captivated by her love. Proverbs 5

  • I use to let my wife f*** other guys, it was my idea. I'm bi, so the guy had to be bi to, so I could join in. I loved watching her get banged, while she blew me, after the guy would bang me, while she watched and beat me off and blow me, while his c*** was in my ass, she loved watching to.

  • G******* son you got issues.

  • 45 hung bi guy here too wife loves watching me get pounded then the guy will f*** her

  • I am not bi, but I once had a gf that wanted so badly to watch a man sucking c***. She had a co-worker that was bi, and one night, him and me double teamed her, then later she watched him suck me off, while I sucked her t*** and made out with her. So hot!

  • I set up a vidio in the bedroom to catch my wife at it with others but is all I cought was her doing herself with a cucumber it turned me on so much I told her I'd love to watch her play with herself now she does it a lot while I'm there even with the cucumber

  • You're not a lone. There's a lot of men out there with the same fantasy and urges. Whatever you do, think it over AFTER you've emptied your n#$tz and you have a clear mind. And if you decide to go through it make sure you have open honest conversations with your wife. Set iron clad boundaries and stick to them. If you draw the line at seeing her kiss another man, say so the 1st time..don't let her get used to doing it then want her to stop.

  • I had the same fantasy for years, and so did she. Then, we tried hotwifing. And I lost her in less than a year. Be careful what you hope for.

  • So sorry this happened to you. I guess she didn't really love you.

  • Agree with the comment below. It doesn't matter who your wife was with before..she probably had larger and smaller, but she chose YOU. Your wife is happy with YOU just the way you are. Your insecurities and your insistence on making this fantasy a reality could definitely doom your marriage. You need to put this fantasy to bed. If you're looking to spice up your s** life, there are tons of other ideas you can suggest and try that don't involve another person. And if you've been cheated on in the past, inviting a 3rd person is definitely not going to bring you some peace of mind. Your wife is happy with you, that should be all the reassurance you need.

  • If she says she's happy with you let it go or you will drive a wedge between you. Women sometimes have a hard time admitting their desire for added pleasure. Let her know how you feel and just keep the fantasy to yourself.

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