Used my son as a weapon of revenge

We were invited to my husband's friend's house for dinner. My husband's friend of OK but his wife Janet is a b****. She is always bragging and gloating, and pointing out she is richer, better, smarter, you name it, and that I am not as good as she is. So before we went, I told my six year old son Jason that not only did he not have to behave for a change (he is very rambunctious), but that I wanted him to be as bad as he possibly can be. I told him to break things, rip and pull curtains, jump on the sofa with his dirty shoes, spill his drink at least once, draw on the walls with the crayons we will bring for him to draw in his book with, even to purposely, this time, miss the toilet when he goes to pee.
I told him I would make feeble attempts to control him, but to ignore me. He was great. He did everything I said and more. The place was a shambles after we left. At dinner, he even took his spoon and used it to slingshot some mashed potato on the painting hanging on the wall behind me. I kept, going "Jason, stop it!" but he wouldn't, of course. Janet kept going, "oh that's OK, not a big deal." But I could tell she was getting more and more miffed. I loved it. When we got home, I told Jason that we would go to the toy store tomorrow and he could but whatever he wanted for being such a good boy for Mommy.

May 26, 2015

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  • So in other words, you just behaved like a typical modern "parent". Did you make sure to be glued to your phone the entire time as well?

    Oh, and while it's not at all uncommon for parents to use their "precious children" as game pieces, that was still a c.unt move.

    But what do I know? I chose to not impregnate my wife (or any other woman), so I can't possibly know what "the greatest love of all" is like, which obviously includes using them as flying monkeys.

  • To me that's something you may do if you find out your Husband is S******* her.

  • Maybe you should have just opted out going over for ever! Just sayin....

  • You kids will learn to use the bad things you teach them against you eventually. You will get back what you sowed.

  • People who use their kids for their means are Douchebags!


  • OMG! What a great idea. I want to do this to a b**** I know. And I have TWO young boys. Heh, heh.

  • As if you don't already. "Oh, tee hee, they're just so rambunctious" *explosions*

  • U have 2 young boys then go f*** them

  • You're a worthless dreg of a human.

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