My bf is in love with his dog.....

First off, I love dogs. I’ve always wanted a dog. That’s why when I saw how loving and caring my bf was to his dog. I instantly fell in love with him. Cause one day I want a family . Long story short, things began to change rapidly. My bf dog has a peeing problem. He allows her to go on the bed where she would pee. His bed reeks of dog pee!!! Its gross! It gives me a huge headache! One night she peed the bed 3 times and each and every time he called her back on the bed! The first thing he do in the morning is hug and kiss his dog saying repeatedly “I love this dog”. Every little thing I do is “honey be careful of the dog! She jumps on me to get to him and she lays in the middle of us . Multiple times I got black and blue from her jumping on me. If I poke my butt out in bed he says “honey make space for the dog.” While I have 10% of the bed to myself. Also she loves to throw her legs on me. She’s a big dog. When we are out. He talks about her nonstop. One night when we were coming from a movie he was looking at her picture, saying adorable things to her picture and he said to me “ she must be saying every time you come over you take my daddy away from me”. He constantly sends me pictures of her. When we go to other people houses his dog jumps on the furniture. One morning I tried to talk to him about it. He got so annoyed and angry he said “she comes before you”. Right then I knew that I couldn’t move in. Just like a human being has limitations so should a dog and his dog has none. No I’m not jealous of his dog. I love his dog and I know it’s not his dogs fault. Its him. He repeatedly asked me to move in! But there’s no way I would live to be uncomfortable in my own house. Sadly this relationship would have to fail cause I just cant live under this condition. I’m actually quite shocked at this whole situation. What’s even more sad is how much I have grown to love him.

May 28, 2015

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  • Had an ex-bf that was a dog lover. He was very caring and loving of his dog, and I fell quickly for him. He let his dog sleep on his bed instead of his dog bed and jump on me when I was over without correcting him like I thought he should.

    The dog treated the whole place like it was his toilet and went anywhere he felt like. It was gross. I am a dog lover myself, but never had as many pictures of pets as he did. He was great otherwise, and we started getting closer.

    I came over to surprise him one day, but heard noises and went to investigate. He was naked with his dog on his back. I realized the dog had mounted and was having s** with my bf. I was going to say something, but heard sounds coming from my ex-bf that he was enjoying it.

    It was so sickening seeing that I almost threw up right there, but I quietly left.

    Don't think he realized I was even there. He tried calling me several times after that, and coming over, but I didn't want anything to do with him. He broke my heart. When I thought of him, I could only picture his dog getting it on with him and that sick feeling.

    I finally told him that it wasn't going to work out between us, and I had met someone else, even though there wasn't anyone at that time, and I didn't want to ever see him again.

    After that bad experience, I try to only date men with no pets.

  • You find his ability to love, or his capacity for love, appealing. Unfortunately, the love he expresses is a bit twisted. Okay, it's a LOT twisted. His love is directed at an animal that can't provide any complications in the relationship: no resistance, no denial, no moodiness, and no independent thought. Your boyfriend sounds like he's either immature, or insecure, or both. Maybe he'll grow out of it, but it's not your job to repair his problem(s). He's not -- at least not right now -- the man for you.

  • You did the right thing by leaving him. Your boyfriend is not ready for a relationship. In the end, you would have been hurt over and over by his insensitivity. Sure, his dog can be awesome. And sure you can have feelings for your boyfriend. But for him to blatantly tell you how you fit in is wrong. Also to willingly let or even encourage the dog to pee on the bed and still sleep in it..(sorry, that is just gross). Dogs don't even like to sleep where they pee. His smothering creates an unhealthy dependency where your dog can't be alone and he can't either. That's a form of neglect. It's one thing if the dog can't hold it or is a puppy, but this dog is an adult dog. Dogs thrive when they are given tasks and rewarded.

  • No brainer.

    Leave him. Why would you want to be anyone's number 2? Especially to a dog?

  • "Number two" apparently wasn't the problem. It was "Number One", and repeatedly.

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