Broken Engagement

Three months ago I was set to get married to the man I love with all my heart...but his cousins d*** got in the way. I was cheating on my fiancé for over a year and had a baby girl. It scared me to think my daughter was his cousins child and I didn't want to hurt him so we never told. Months go by and the sneakibg around got worse. I would pretend to not feel well and stay home so me and his cousin could have nice 4 hour f***. It was glorious and amazing. His c*** would make me a puddle of moans and just the thought of it inside me made h****.

Well we slipped up without knowing. On the night of rehearsal dinner my maid of honor and I walk in the room and see a video of me and his cousin f****** it hard. The bed was hitting the wall and you could hear the slap of his d*** when it hit me. The thought makes me h****.

I was so embarrassed and ran away. It ruined our soon to be marriage and he gave me full custody of our daughter. My parents haven't spoken to me since and I don't blame them. I'm an even worse person because I still f*** his cousin, but only because you don't always find a nice 11' d*** on the streets.

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  • It is what it is. But yes, 11" is hard to come by in life.

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