How can you tell if your wife has other feelings for another man?

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  • I knew it when I saw her doing her bikini line for no reason. Also plucking her nipples. Wearing lingerie to work. Going braless to work. Touching herself while talking on the phone. Keeping a vibrator in her drawer.

  • When she moves out. Or files for divorce. Or stops coming home at night. Or has another dude's name tattooed on her t***.

  • It's the guy next door

  • It takes a lot for women to cheat. Their affairs aren't based on the physical so much as they are looking for an emotional connection that is lost in the marriage/relationship. In any relationship, it takes two so maybe you can look at what you may have been doing or do that is pushing her away. Check her facebook/cell for texts and messages to men you may not know. She may be finding more more reasons to be out of the house or having "meetings" or having to travel more for her job. Or if you're away, having him over. A lot of people think that if they find that their spouse or S.O. is having an affair that they would leave, but you really don't know what you'll do until you find out. It can take a long time to rebuild a relationship after someone cheats, but it is possible. But first you need confirmation...

  • Easy.

    When the things she used to say she loved seeing/having done to her by you seems to irritate her or she no longer wants them. Just think back to be he days you were dating and suggest doing that stuff again. Either it will snap her back into why she fell in love with you or she will make up some excuse not to do it. Either way, it will be your clear cut answer.

  • She will also try to bring up anything about you she perceives are bad points to mask her own guilt - does she belittle you in front of others?

    Also, how's your s** life?

  • She seems happier than normal.
    Seem to be in deep thought a lot
    Seems to be gone more than usual
    Dresses better than normal
    Has more errands to run than usual
    Leaves home smelling like perfume and returns smelling like mens after shave.
    Getting into the laundry, check panties for dried paste
    Check her cellphone log for numbers called often and google them to see who she is calling or have a friend to call the number and see who it is.

  • When his d*** is in her mouth.

  • No, no, no. She can give a B.J. without having feelings for the guy. I'd say it's when his d*** is in her ASS.

  • I am a woman - if your asking this ? The answer is most likely yes!

    She will talk about his life all the time, or the exact opposite - not talk about him at all while trying to find every opportunity to have to be around him!

    She will make sure she looks good around him, makeup, hair just right!

    One tell-tale sign, if you can observe the two of them together watch how she acts - guarded is guilt!

    Find a new woman - life's too short to be taken advantage of!

    Good Luck!

  • Probably when you find her lying underneath one.

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