After reading some of his comments I am

After reading some of his comments I am convinced "GG" is a scientologist or at least has the same IQ as one.

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  • Ha ha ha ha the idiot three post above me is a misinformed loser living in the 19th century. The only thing that has evolved into a different animal is evolution itself. How many times are you going to change something because you can't prove your original claim. And I'm not even a creationist. I think there is some other explination that we havent' found yet. But only a complete uninformed uneducated idiot will use the words fact and evolution in the same sentence.

  • Why would you recommend origin of species? That is not even the same evolution as the theory they use now. They destroyed his because it could be disproven too easily, they keep having to adapt the theory... a lot, even lately to try to make it stay afloat. If you want to use Darwin's theory though he also said if he we don't find a lot of fossils linking them in together all over since it would be so apparant the theory is flawed... We haven't.

  • Holy s*** I was just f***** around when I called GG a scientologist and now everyones debating evolution and creationism. Haha you all need lives.

    -the OP

  • Sources?

    Why don't we start with a definition of science:

    Science \\sahy-uhns\\, noun: The use of evidence to construct testable explanations and predictions of natural phenomena, as well as the knowledge generated through this process.

    Notice how neither religion or "intelligent design" meet this definition.

    Now try reading Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species" for a basic overview of evolutionary theory.

    Now that you know what science and evolution are, you can go here for all the "evidence" you need:

    If you still don't "believe" in the fact of evolution, then you are a moron or a fanatic or both. You probably still believe that the Earth is flat, sits at the center of the universe, and is held up by angels with silken threads...

  • You're a bunch of inbred f****.

  • I hat big werds cuz thay mak mi hed hert. GG sez rille big werds :(

  • I don't believe you are SiteShrink. . .and I have to say, I don't think this website is about creation vs evolution. . .you people really need lives!

  • The fact that these people don't believe in evolution means they know how to think for themselves. You don't have to believe in Creation. But if you look at evolution objectively then you will see how flawed of an argument it really is. That being said I choose to believe in the Creation because after I examined the facts for myself that's the conclusion that I came to. GG on the other hand came to the conclusion to believe in evolution and he has every right to do so.


  • Which evidence? Provide sources, please. I have heard this argument but never real sources.

  • The only "mistake" GG made was in assuming that any of you pukes are worth advising or debating. The fact that so many of you don't believe in evolution just proves that you're beyond the reach of any rational or intelligent discussion. You're either reactionary fundies or unschooled morons who have never read a scientific text or even understood the principle of "scientific method." If you had, you'd know that evolution is a well-founded, empirically tested, and repeatedly affirmed principle of biological change that no serious scientist even bothers to debate. Theists and "intelligent design" advocates have never offered a comparable scientific theory that even comes close to the the level of evidence produced for evolutionary theory...but then, GG already knows this, and the rest of you haven't evolved enough to follow what I'm saying...

  • The reason was because I made a mistake.

  • Why? Do you try to fit in with people who share the same beliefs? That just helps keep you in ignorance.

  • My point is what is one's state of belief. Do you believe in evolution, do you believe in intelligent design, or do you believe that you are ignorant?

    Yes, ignorance is the most respectable option, I'm not debating that.

    I just made a mistake that I presumed others here believed in evolution as well.

  • Going with something without enough proof =! knowledge.

  • The situation is simple:

    I signed my identity at the bottom of all my comments, and people flamed me for it. I made one mistake, which was the presumption that other people believed in evolution, and now I have some guy in the shadows on my case, loads of people p***** of that I am apparently condescending, and someone, or multiple people, who are impersonating me.

    Believe me, I can take it all in, but just remember everyone that it's so much easier to flame someone from the shadows than it is to walk in the light.

  • Then it would make BOTH other options fall under ignorance at the same time, as none of them have enough proof. Sure, the theory makes sense if all this other stuff existed to hold it together.

  • Evolution makes sense to me, and that's why I believe in it.

    "Ignorance" means "lack of knowlege". If you choose the "ignorance" option, you are choosing to label yourself one of those who doesn't know the answer. It is basically the "not enough evidence" option.

  • There is also, "not enough evidence" which is technically the only accurate one. How is ignorance acceptable when there is not enough proof for either theory? I mean, accepting something falsely is an idiotic thing to do.

  • Ok, I guess my mistake was that I presumed that other people believed in evolution as well. I mean, there are two alternatives: "intelligence design" and "ignorance".

    But that was it. That was my only flaw, was it not? So why presume that I am an idiot?

  • ^I agree. And not only that, I have not seen one post of yours that could be considered "good advice". . .at least SiteShrink actually gave out good advice.

  • GG, this is the person who debated you earlier because you decided to talk up evolution like it was true. You just need to quit pushing your beliefs on the people here as if they are fact. Because you really are just using flawed arguments on them. If you were more logical and told them stuff that was factual you will get your point across a lot better(unless they are stupid...most people here).

  • Sorry people, but this is how I talk. I go on a lot of forums and stuff. The vocabulary I use is of the first words that come to my mind. I'm not gonna dumb it down for anyone, for THAT would be condescending, wouldn't it? You all understand my words; I don't see how there would even be a problem. It is people's arguments which give evidence for their intelligence, not their vocabulary, and I understand that.

    I didn't know that putting a signature on all my comments would stimulate so much offense. All I wanted to do was to give people advice without flaming them, and to develop a reputation so people could say "oh, there's another comment of GG, someone who doesn't troll or flame".

    I won't do it again, sorry; this will be my last comment with my signing, although, I may continue to comment in the future.

    - GG

  • Yeah I like SiteShrik too, but that's becuase he wasn't an idiot like this GG fool. He also wasn't a gay f**.

  • ^Yes, he is trying to be like SiteShrink, but I like him much better than GG!

    Poster: You are awesome!!!!!!!! and right! I don't want to have to come on this site and read words that you only see in vocab class. . .GG, we do not respect you any more for trying to sound so smart, it actually invalidates what you say, cause it makes you sound condesending.

  • I told you GG is nothing but a Site Shrink wanna be. And besides the words he use isn't even that big. I understand every word that he uses or says and that let me know he's an idiot.

  • Alright assclown a few words of advice:

    Number 1: you need to get a life a find a hobby other than this website. Honestly this was up for like 5 minutes before your first comment. That's not a good sign UNLESS your at a boring ass job like I am and have no other means o keeping yourself occupied. If your at your house and your on it this much I highly suggest you find a hobby.

    Number 2: You gotta stand up for yourself man. I ripped on you like there was no tomorrow and you took it like a little b****. You need to grow some b**** or your not gonna get anywhere in life man. I know you were picked on in school and that sucks and all but you didn't stand up for yourself even when some random dude ripped on ya.

    Number 3: Stop using big words on here. I know you probably wanna sound smart and all but were just people on this website. I'm sure there's very few to any people on here who take you seriously when you sound like that. Just talk on here the way you do at home.

    Seriously take my advice and you'll be better off.

    - the OP and commenter #2

  • ^GG you are a f**. Nobody else on this site wants to hear your BS, as you can see. You come on here to use million dollar words for what? To make yourself feel smarter or superior to all of us? Well, why not find a chat room about science or something so you can talk to some people who can "measure up" to your massive intelligence? Cause we all don't like you!

  • How did I manage to misspell "dictionaries" twice? >_>

    - GG

  • Well, you are right about being bullied, but I'm not eating anything at the moment, as I just had dinner.

    I'm actually sickly skinny, and I do use online dictionary sometimes, but I use them to get the spellings correct of certain words, as I am a bad speller. However, I do have good grammar; something online dictionary can't help individuals out with.

    Oh, and I love McDonald's; you got me there! :D

    I don't believe that the vocabulary of an individual determines their intelligence. It is their arguments in debate which will give evidence of their intellectual understanding, or lack of.

    Thanks for your time, and best wishes.

    - GG

  • O I'm on to you ass clown. You want people on here to think your smart so you throw big words around and yet you don't know what they mean and you make yourself look like an idiot. Seriously dude get a life man. I'm sure your probably some kid who was picked on in school so now to boost your self esteem you sit at your computer tryin to make people look stupid with your big words that you used a thesaurus to look up and eating cheese curls. Your probably overweight and one of those people who goes to mcdonalds and orders a large big mac large fries and a DIET coke. So tell me how close am I?

  • I'm not a Scientologist, but thanks for the consideration of my existence.

    - GG

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