I am a white woman in my early

I am a white woman in my early twenties. My fiance is black. We have been together since I was a teenager. I do not feel comfortable around his family, cause I feel like they don't "accept" me as a part of their family. In the very early years of our relationship, I overheard some comments from his cousins saying things like, "why are you with a white girl?" or "white girls always bring trouble." WTF is up with that? It is funny because the women in the family seem to be the ones who care that I am white, the men I don't think give a damn either way. I love him to death, and he loves me, so WTF does it matter if our skin is different colors?

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  • They are right not to accept you. You a different creature of human than they are. They are members of the africanoid subspecies and you are a member of the caucasoid subspecies. You are in an unnatural relationship that will lead to b********* between the human subspecies and possibly hybrid offspring. Not everyone embraces what you are planning with open arms. Get used to it.

  • Hot!

  • Look,if you are good together,who cares what his damn cousins or some frustrated stranger on here thinks?!Just be happy with the guy and learn to ignore idiot remarks like that.Unfortunatelly there will always be ignorant people,both white and black,equally full of prejudice regarding dating "outside your race".

  • Skin color shouldn't matter. I guess I'm not one to give any advice on the situation, but you will always come across people who won't like it. If the relationship is worth it, then overcoming such small hurdles and dealing with general immaturity and close-mindedness shouldn't be your biggest concern.

  • Trolls! *whipcrack* Back to your bridge!

  • ^that is original, dumbass.


  • Ummm, actually, I am not fat, nor do I have am eating disorder. I actually hold no value to the fact my fiance is black. . .I am attracted to him as a person, not a black person. You are trying to "judge" me and my relationship based on what? Maybe these false judgements are the underlying cause of HIS family's feelings toward me. . .I am just curious why you think I am that kind of girl, have I shown any indication of being like that by my posts?

    ~Original Poster

  • As a white man, I can tell you that the white girls who date black guys are trouble. You seem to have indentity issues and eating disorders. Nothing funnier than a fat white chick talking ebonics.

  • Inferiority complex and their own racism.

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