Bill Cosby

I hate women because of Bill Cosby. Women are not to be trusted at all. I wish black women would not deal with white women on any level. Too many black men in prison because of white women. Stay strong black men.

Aug 13, 2020

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  • Betty White thinks you're a little b****

  • Betty white is ugly

  • And Joe Black

  • White women rights are over!!!!!

  • Such a hurt little thing, so angry and sad, just can't stop crying. LOL

  • Dumb little white girl

  • Ignorant r3tard who can't see who they are talking to

  • Dumb white girl

  • Man I'll never get over what they did to Bill Cosby. So scared of a black man with any wealth or power it was a set up and they succeeded

  • 70% of all violent crimes are committed by black males, not because of some fabricated systemic racism BS story to come down on black males, but because 70% of all violent crimes really are committed by black males. That's not a conspiracy that's a fact. 1 in 4 blacks are male, so the 13% black populous is actually less than 4% black males, which means less than 4% of the populous committed 70% of all violent crimes in America. That's the real elephant in the room.

  • He raped black women too dumbass. Lots of them. Cosby wasn’t a racist, just a serial rapist.

  • There was no black women idiot. It's you white women always lying on men period. I'm a proud woman, and I don't support women lying on men. It was all white women
    Don't put black women this me too propaganda crap.

  • Did you miss the part where Bill Cosby admitted to drugging and raping several women? I used to be a big defender of Dr. Cosby, I felt as if he was, at the very least, being railroaded by these women. Then I heard his admission to the crime, and everything changed for me. He was, rightfully, convicted in a court of law and is receiving the punishment that he truly deserves.

  • So caveman, you are a rapist to the highest point.

  • Wow, what a comeback. You really showed me! LOL

  • He really clings hard to his belief that saying something stupid, literally anything that comes to mind, counts as a "win" if he gets the last word. Just like a toddler overdue for a smack across the butt-- or Trump (same thing)

  • First of all, I don't deal with white women. Too much drama. I stick with my own race. Any wzy, why would any human want to deal with a woman. Too emotional. To clingy, gossip too much. Kill women too much. I'm just saying.

  • Mommy didn't love you enough. We get it. Poor little you.

  • You are jealous of women

  • You are jealous of human beings

  • Jealous of what????? Rooster necks. I don't think so.

  • I think that you might have been harmed by a woman in a way that made you develope these views. I was harmed by several women (I'm 19) and now I have a hard time with female authority figures.

  • You're only 19 and handle things more maturely than OP ever could.

  • You are 12

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