Seeking attention from males...

Since I never had a dad or a close male family member in my life, I focus on being around guys whenever I can. (I'm female, by the way.) All of my friends are males, and if one of them gets mad at me, busy, or ignores me I turn to the internet. Then I search for males my age to talk to in various chat rooms; currently, I have a "boyfriend" in another country that no one knows about, and I still call myself single and look for a better relationship. If I don't hear from one of my friends in a certain time period, I convince myself that they hate me.

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  • My dad was distant and abusive and I didn't have any other supportive males in my life. I don't use that as an excuse to act like a w****. Guess that makes me stronger and smarter than most of you self-victimizing little b****** :)

  • Ok. Consider getting an old man interested. The net is full of them

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