I was pregnant: Vicky (Indian college girl

Hii I am vicky, a Indian girl. I was an ordinary girl who loved study and academics. I would reside in my college hostel as my house was far from my college. My friends/ roommate girls would often talk about s** and bf n all. I would ignore such talk. I would be alone in my own world. I would hardly talk or rome with boys..
One day a boy named kshitij from my college started liking me.. soon he started speaking with me. At the beginning it was just classmates but soon we became gud friends. one day he proposed me. I refused it first time but accepted his proposal after few days.. soon we were in a relationship. We would often hear about other couples having s** and spending nights in a room . My bf also asked me abut s** but I refused it..
One day after having coffee, by bf took me on his room. as usual we started to talk then hug and smooch each other.  But this time I could feel some change in his behavior.  He started to touch my personal parts.. I removed his hand but again he would repeat the same. He started to kiss below my neck and soon on my cleavaged. I was not feeling comfortable but was also enjoying. . He removed by top and bra.. my b**** were open and he started to suck it..he gave a bite to my nipples.. n began ti press my b****.. soon he went more down and started to remove my pant. I was feeling restless and refused. .but he started convincing me n telling stories abut other friends who had s**.. he removed my pant and began to kiss my legs. he removed my panty. He could see my p****.. he started liking it. Soon he started fingering my p****.. I was just moaning with pain n told him to stop.. soon he requested me to take off his clothes. I was not comfortable to take off his pant. He removed his pant and I could see his black erect p****. He made me to catch it. I was feeling very shy. I just closed my eyes n holded his d***. It was hot.. he jst told me to m********* his p**** a little. .he applied some jell on it..
Soon he pulled my legs down but I jst refused from having s**. I told him that we don't have condoms and its very dangerous.  But he said kuch nahi hota and jst don't worry.  Soon he inserted his black p**** on my p**** and started f****** it slowly. . I was just shouting and moaning loudly. . It was horribly paining at beginning. And I lost my virginity. . He started to f*** me more deeper.. it went on for some time.  In between he removed his p**** out, that time I could see his precum in my p****.. I again warned him but he was still desperate.  I was also enjoying. .
He again started to f*** me.. in less time I experienced some hot thing in my p**** and my my bf started to moan loudly.. I understood that he is c****** in me.. n jst told him to get off me.... n jst pished him away.. but it was too late.. as soon as he removed his duck out of my p****, I could see my p**** fully filled with sperms and dripping. . He saw at my p**** and said oh s***.. I was feeling afraid and angry. . He said sorry to me..
We had a huge fight after it....

After one month I had lost my periods and after a test I came to know that I am pregnant. . I told kshitij about this and again we had a fight. .our relationship was on edge of break. . I started eating pills and somehow stopped my pregnancy. .

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  • F*** a blond haired blue eyed boy next time. It will tone down that dark color you sand n****** tend to have.

  • Fake lol idiot

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