I saw a guy get shot and I almost laughed

I used to enjoy a beer and a burger on Fridays after work. I'd go to a neighborhood bar and grille and eat and drink and socialize.

On some occasions this lummox of a drunk would try to start fights. One day the manager told him to leave and never return. The manager also owned the bar.

This lummox must have weighed nearly 300 lbs and was well over six feet and husky. The manager was about five eight and weighed perhaps 150 lbs.

Once outside the lummox started throwing rocks at the windows and even though the police had been called he wouldn't leave the area. I believe he was both drunk and on some kind of dope.

The manager went outside and everyone was expecting to see the smaller man crushed when the manager shot the big a****** in the chest.

The big loser stopped yelling and clutched his now bleeding chest and started coughing up blood.

The police arrived and took the man to the hospital where it was discovered that the bullet was too close to the scumbags heart to remove.

Witnesses at the bar testified in the bar owners behalf and he was not charged with anything.

The lummox was charged with terroristic threats, vandalism and assault.

I never saw the lout again but I heard on the grapevine the bullet in his chest gave him plenty of problems which he richly deserved.

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  • Any time a gun or anything else puts a bullying a****** in its place is a good thing. People tend to behave themselves better in open carry areas for a reason!

  • Love a Happy Ending

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