Incident at a Tariff Bureau

I worked for a Tariff Bureau for ten years. It became illegal to provide this service and this service ceased.

Before this happened I worked Tariffs the work included cutting and pasting, posting routes, carriers, and rates. By reading the Tariff you instantly knew who carried what, in which amounts, and for how much money. It was hard work and it wasn't that rewarding. Still, it was a job at a time when many people were not working.

After this company was sued for not hiring enough blacks the company took on four black workers. Three black men and a black lady.

The lady worked out just fine but two of the three men used crack cocaine and the third one slept on the job. The company was afraid to fire them because of the lawsuit.

One of the black men, a man of size got high every day in fact more than once a day. He loved his dope. Work-wise he did what can only be described as absolutely nothing.

Apparently, the sight of me working drove him nuts. He would stand behind me pushing my pen so that I couldn't do anything. I raised H*** at him but he went from bad to worse. Jerking the manuscript out of my hands and screaming my name over and over again. He would do this when our manager who in hindsight I have come to believe was an idiot would leave the room.

Everybody was too scared to tell on him. The small company had no security and if this lummox decided to go berserk the men there who could handle him were few and far between. This went on for years.

I got transferred to another part of the building on another floor. He never came down there.

After my former department was closed all of my former workers lost their jobs. I was spared for awhile because I had another type of task.

The horrible thing about the layoffs was the fact that your name was called over the intercom. When that happened you knew your job was over. I kept waiting to hear the lummoxes name over the intercom but after everyone else was gone all three of the cocaine snorting black guys were still there doing nothing.

It angered me to the nth degree that all of those hard working dedicated former fellow employees were gone and these useless blacks were still there.

After one year they finally got around to getting rid of these worthless employees.

One year later they got around to me. Goodbye job.

I got a job at an insurance company four months later and from there I retired twenty-five years later.

Hearing about the lummox on the grapevine he was fired from every other job he ever got and his wife took their child and left him.

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