A friend i'd have since high school has some identity issues. He will most likely get gender reassignment surgery if he can ever afford it, but for now, he sticks to dressing in girls clothing and wearing make-up and girlish hairstyles.

More than once, we've gotten drunk together, and one thing leads to another, and we mess around. I love his slender frame, and his huge d***. Its much bigger than mine, and seems to get even more rigid. When I suck it he gets impatient and f**** my throat. I have a bad gag reflex, so I can't manage it for long, but it's sexy. He's always too drunk to come, and i'm almost always too drunk too, but once or twice he's gotten me to blow my load in his mouth.

The crossdressing is a little sexy sometimes, but I honestly just want to suck off and f*** sexy guys.

I got really drunk and drugged up with another male friend who I never would've guessed would play around with another guy, but his wife was out of town, and like I said...substances. since then he ignores it, and we don't talk much.

I want so badly to get on craigslist and find a guy to f***. Even if it's a blow and go, I know I wouldn't regret it. How do I scope out the weirdos and liars?


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  • I am sick of hearing about weddings, especially celebritites and royals. I think they have a hide expecting the rest of the world to be happy for them, would they ever be happy for me to marry? no. so why should we care about users and takers and criminals ? I hope someone rapes them at their wedding and ties them to toadpoles and throws toads at them and cuts their genitals off for being so dirty minded. making love is not a thing or sexy and special. its just f****** and its dirty mind that even thinks about it and certainly sinning dirty souled people who f*** and marry and pull this game of "oh but we are so in love" you are just seriously dirty minded with a mental illness and should be locked away.

  • What about tind'r? But there are some weirdos on that too (so I've heard.. I'm not gay or a male..just have friends who have told me). Why don't you post and see who responds. Do you want a date, LTR or a hookup? Whatever you do, be safe - my friend has told me some really scary stories..

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