2 instructors 1 girl

I think 2 of my instructors like me (well that is what several classmates have said). But I know they have a rivalry going between them, and I fantasize when they spar they are fighting over me! One is a complete self centered j*** that "hits on me" by talking about other girls, telling me I better find a man soon because time is ticking, that I'm not looking as fat today (I am around 20% body fat and muscular), and beating the cap out of me. The other is just sweet to me. He encourages me, and helps me with my techniques. Not really sure that either of them really like me. J*** has asked me if I wanted to see a movie or get food at different times and I just laugh it off. I think he is probably joking anyway or is hoping I would pay for his. But if sweet guy asked to go get some coffee I would say yes the only problem is he hasn't! What should I do?

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