Wife flashing her son

I seen my 13 year son watching his mom sun bath in a very tiny swim suit that she wont wear to the beach but will wear by our back yard pool. Well my son had a very large h****** as he looked at his mom on her back with her legs wide apart. So I dare Sue to flash him a bit to scare him off but it back fired on me. Sue now loves to show off for him and his buddies I think she may even be thinking about f****** those kids when I have to go out of town on a job. You see when I am gone its for a month or more at a time and Sue is a little bit over sexed I think I may of put a very wrong thought in her head but don't know what to do about.



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  • My wife loves c***, and I am fully aware of her past "sexploits", and this one is from a close friend of mine, who incidentally has f***** her. A couple years before I met my 3rd wife, this friend stopped in to see another friend who was f****** her and the two of them watched as she teased his son and 4 of his friends by sunbathing in a bikini in the back yard. Her bikini top was untied and when one of them squirted her with water she jumped up giving them a unimpeded look at her jugs. All five of them could not help but rub their crotches and could not take their eyes of her t***. She then removed the bikini bottom and said who's first? Apparently their teen c**** were insatiable with each of them f****** either her p**** and/or her mouth at least a half dozen times each and one of them even f****** her ass. The entire f***-athon lasted almost two hours and she said it was "totally awesome".

    She still likes teen c*** and gets a few once or twice a year.

    Since you've already planted the thought of her f****** your son and his friends, let her have them. You can watch from out of sight and that way give your wife what obviously excites her, while you get to watch your wife satisfy her desire for young c***.

  • I really don't think your wife is going to have s** with you son, or his 13 year old friends, I would hope that she has more sense then that. That doesn't mean that when you're gone for a month or more, that you wife is keeping her legs closed for other guys. There is no substitute for the real thing.

  • My mom teased me until one day I'd had enough. I told her that either she was giving it up, or I was taking it. Needless to say she gave it up, and I f***** her the whole day and most of that night, then again in the morning.

  • It,s such a turn on for me,my wife is a teacher and Always wears stockings,garterbelt with high heels,she also tease me when she shows her lingerie to our son(14yrs)and his mates,she also let students come to our house and she wears blouse showing a lot of cleavage with a dress midthigh with open strappy sandals with stockings,she loves to tell me how she loves to flirt and seduce them,she is Always in control of me

  • Wow i wish my wife would do that. soo sexy

  • My wife was the same

  • If he is looking after his mother while your away he is doing you a favour keeping it in the family

  • Let them all f*** her

  • BS!

  • Back in early April '71 just 5 days before easter, I'd celebrated my 10th birthday with just my mom, who'd turned 32 just 2 weeks before. Since my dad had to work on a big project, he couldn't be there, that was just as well, he'd never been there for me anyway, they'd got divorce in October '71. When me, and my mom celebrated my double digit birthday, she'd let me go bathing suit shopping at this surplus store, I'd picked out this skin tight black bathing suit, with 3 stripes on either side, silver orange silver.

    When I'd tried on that bathing suit in the fitting room, it fit perfectly, and was my c*** incredibly hard, my mom was so impressed she'd even did a hand job on my bathing suit, I was also impressed with how hard her t****** had gotten in under her leopard print bra, and she was incredibly lovely in her short shorts.

    My mom had even got me a pair of skin tight black short shorts, they were really made for girls, my mom got me them anyway. After she'd got me the bathing suit, and shorts, I even got to wear bathing suit home, I'd carried the bag of my other clothes to hide how hard my c*** had gotten in under my bathing suit.

    When we'd got home, my mom had been turned on by how hard my c*** had got in under my bathing suit, I'd been turned on by how hard her t****** had gotten in under her leopard print bra, her then flat tummy, matching leopard print panties, and her then lovely legs had also turned me on.

    Then when we sat down, we'd both caressed each other, then when I'd noticed her tummy had gotten squishy between her bra, and panties, I'd said "I know you aren't pregnant, or anything, can I feel your tummy?" My mom had said said "Mmm, sweety I'd love that."

    Then my mom had did a hand job on my bathing suit, I pleasured my mom's then hard t****** in under her bra by feeling the front of her panties, her tummy was a wonderful pleasure to look at, and feel even if she wasn't pregnant at that time...

  • Lying sack of crap! You were next door molesting the 8-year old son of your neighbor's!
    We know that what you really like is a mouth full of c-o-c-k!

  • ...then on my double digit birthday, my mom had said "There's something I'd like to show you, this is our secret, don't tell anyone, promise?" I said "I promise not to tell." Then she'd got out this large yellow envelope, in it were these pictures of my mom, when she was pregnant with me at age 21, then just 2 weeks after she'd turned 22, she'd had me.

    One picture from August '60 showed her in a 2 piece bathing suit, smiling the day she'd found out she was a little over a month pregnant with me, feeling the front of her bathing suit bottoms, and had showed off her still flat tummy.

    The second picture from around thanksgiving '60 had showed her in maternity panties, stretched a little higher over her then blossoming tummy, and her bra was also a little larger.

    The third picture from around valentine's day '61 had showed off very little of her lovely round tummy, when she'd posed in her bra, and big huge maternity panties.

    There were more pictures of my mom from that time, these pictures were just my favorites, her flip hairdo in one of those pictures was sort of sexy.

  • Even more BS!!

  • Back in early October '72, I was 11 and in 5th grade, held back in 2nd grade for nothing! My mom was 33 then, when I'd got home from school, before I took a bath, she'd said "Sweety, how do you feel about a little sister, little brother around the house?" I'd said "Fine with me." She'd said "I'm so glad, sweety, because my boyfriend, I might be having a baby." I said "Well when might the baby come?" She said "Sometime early next June, I'm waiting for a phonecall from the doctor right now."

    Then when I was in the bathtub, my mom had tapped on the bathroom door, and said "Sweety?" I'd said "I'm still in the tub." She'd said "I'm expecting a baby." I said "Yeah! When I'm done, can I feel the baby?" She'd said "You sure can sweety." My c*** got hard in the bathtub, when my mom had told me the news

    When I'd come out of the bathroom, I was in just my little white underpants, with my c*** all hard underneath, then she'd said "Are you ready Sweety?" I'd said "I sure am." She'd took off her bathrobe, there she was, bra, panties, and she was still thin enough to still wear her bikinis, ah her t****** gotten all nice, and hard.

    Both my mom, and me went in her bedroom, she'd did a hand job on my underpants, I'd felt the front of her panties for the baby. My c*** wiggled hard when she'd said "Soon enough, I'm going to have a big tummy, are you up for it?" I said "Sure am, I'll help you more around the house, and help take care of the baby too." She'd said "Aw, you're such a doll sweety."

    That night, when we both got ready for bed, my mom had fallen in love with me, that was our little secret, and since my mom's then boyfriend ended up between jobs twice in a month and a half at about that time anyway, she didn't just break up with him, she'd never told him about the baby at all.

  • Absolute PISH

  • BS!,

  • ...then, 2 days later in early October '72, when both my mom, who'd been 5 weeks pregnant at 33, and I, in 5th grade at 11( Should've been in 6th grade that year!), were at the beach, she'd been in her bikini one last time before her tummy had gotten big by early February '73,and I'd been in my speedo. The beach we were at was in a remote area of this small lake. Both of us had gotten thighdeep in that lake, my c*** wiggled hard in my speedo, when I'd felt my mom's baby, her t****** had gotten hard in her bikini top. Nobody else was there that day, it was just us.

    Later that October day, we'd gone back to the motel ,where we'd stayed at that weekend, my mom had sat in one of the poolside lounges feeling her baby in her bikini, I was in the pool hot tub with the water jets on full blast, rubbing my c*** under my speedo, because I couldn't stop thinking about my mom in her bikini at the time, when she'd felt her baby. Because of the water jets being on so strong, nobody else saw me rubbing myself in the hot tub that day.

    After we'd both gone back inside our motel room, we'd both taken a shower together ,where I'd kissed my mom's tummy, her t****** had gotten hard, so was my c***, and my c*** had suddenly wiggled so hard that day, it had been the first time I'd ever cummed. My mom had gotten turned on by my first c**.

    The next day, when we'd both gotten home, we'd both got naked, had s** with each other, it was the first time I'd ever cummed up my mom's c***, pregnant with another man's baby or not, it had made her very h**** for more.

  • ...then, in the middle of November '72, my mom was 11 weeks pregnant, she'd started getting a barely there baby bump under the front of her panties. What I'd saw of her tummy that morning, was still nice, and flat, just below her bra. Just when I'd woke up, there she'd stood, in front of the mirror, feeling her baby, when she'd said "Sweety, look, my tummy's just barely starting to grow big, isn't that exciting?" I'd said "Wow! Can I feel?" She'd said "Sure can." with a smile. My c*** grew so incredibly hard in my white little underpants, when I'd felt the front of her panties, and kissed her tummy, while she caressed my back. Then when I went to the bathroom, I was so sexually excited, just as I'd touched my c***, I'd cummed hard in my underpants.

    By the time my mom had reached 12 weeks pregnant, she'd started wearing maternity outfits. One of my favorite outfits she'd wore, when she was pregnant that fall, was kind of a dress, it even doubled as a bathing suit, it was a bandeau, panty shorts, and a removeable sheer seethrough coverup, it was almost like a sheer nightgown. Over the thanksgiving weekend, we'd stayed at a hotel, there we were both at the pool, she'd wore only the panty shorts, and bandeau, she didn't have much of a tummy, what less I saw of her tummy, was then almost flat, her waistband was higher than usual, as this was a maternity outfit.

    While I was in the pool, my mom had sat at one of the poolside lounges, and pulled up the front of her panty shorts almost to her bandeau, that made my c*** wiggle hard in my speedo. Just then, these 2 boys had come out to the pool in their speedos, their c**** had gotten hard, when they'd watched my mom feel her baby, my c*** got hard too. Then my mom wanted to go back inside our hotel room, it was 915 at night, she let me stay out a little more till 10 oclock. there's more...

  • ...continued
    Just when my mom had gone back in our hotel room and closed the curtains, the boys had beckened me to the pool spa, just as I'd climbed in, one of them, 14 I thought, said "Wow! Who's that? Your mom?" I'd said "She is." The other one, might have been (13) said "Wow! Is she going to have a baby? She sort of looks it, even in that 2 piece swimsuit, 'cause she keeps feeling her tummy there!" I said "She is. She's 12 weeks pregnant." The both went "Wow!"Then the 3 of us agreed, wearing our speedos had made our c**** all nice, and hard just from talking about my mom's then pregnancy. The 14 year old kid whispered "How does she look in her underwear, if you don't mind?" I said "I don't mind, she's sexy in her underwear, she's now wearing maternity panties, and that 2 piece bathing suit she was in, would you believe, it's a maternity bathing suit?" The both went "Aw, man, you're lucky."

    Just then, the 3 of us got out of the spa, as it was close to 10 oclock, and no, the 3 of us guys didn't c** in the spa. When I got back to our hotel room, my mom was still in her panty shorts, and bandeau, then after I'd took my shower, I'd sat down next to my mom in my white little underpants, and cuddled her tummy, while my c*** was hard, then awhile later, we'd both slept together in our room, the next morning, we'd both checked out for home.

  • ...then on valentine's day '73, both me, still 11, and my mom, still 33, had stayed at a hotel. When we ate dinner in our hotel room, she'd had on my favorite maternity clothes, bandeau, and panty shorts, I'd had on her favorite clothes, a speedo. How her panty shorts had stretched way over her then blossoming tummy, shaped like a cantaloupe at that time, what little she'd bared of her not too flat tummy, between her bandeau, and panty shorts that day, had made my c*** incredibly hard in my speedo, her t****** were also incredibly hard in her bandeau.

    Then after we ate, we were in the inroom spa, there we both felt so intimate with each other that night, I'd felt my mom's ex boyfriend's baby growing inside of her. Her incredibly hard t****** in her bandeau, what little she'd bared of her tummy under her panty shorts, all had my c*** so incredibly hard in my speedo. Then my mom had also did a hand job on my speedo, when we were in the spa, and that felt so good. Then we'd both had s** with each other doggy style, pumping c** up my mom's c*** at that moment had never felt so incredible, valentine's day '73 had never felt so intimate at that time.

  • ...then around mother's day weekend '73, I'd already been 12, my mom had already been 34 at 36 weeks pregnant, her round tummy was so incredibly sexy she'd looked like she was only 27 weeks pregnant with her ex boyfriend's baby. We gone to the same remote area of beach by that small lake, when my mom was 5 weeks pregnant in her bikini back in October '72.

    I was in my speedo, my mom was in her sheer seethrough maternity coverup, bandeau, and panty shorts, watching her little bit of tummy just between her panty shorts, and bandeau through the sheer fabric of her coverup had made my c*** wiggle incredibly hard in my speedo.

    When I was out in the middle of that lake, she'd flashed me with her coverup by taking it off, first I'd felt awkward, because her tummy had grown round in only her panty shorts, and bandeau. When I'd stared across the lake at her then blooming tummy, what little my mom had bared of her tummy had my c*** so incredibly hard that when I'd touched my speedo down there, my c*** had shot out plenty of c** in my speedo, when I was still in the lake.

    Then later on, after I'd came out of the lake, sat down next to my mom, and had cuddled with her tummy, her t****** had gotten all nice, and hard in her bandeau, when she'd rubbed my speedo. No, like last time, no other people were around. I'd just sat there, stared at her tummy just thinking about the way her ex boyfriend's c** had made my mom's tummy grow the way it did. Sometimes I'd felt irritated that I should've been in 6th grade that year, and not 5th grade, being held back in 2nd grade for nothing was why!

  • The Wednesday after easter Sunday 1979, my dad had gone off for couple of days, at then 10 I was in my tight stretchy squarecut bathing suit, ready for swimming at my friend's house, I'd seen my mom then 29 in her bikini bra, and short shorts, all luscious, and slim. I'd seen how she'd stared at herself in the mirror, patted the front of her shorts, it made my erection suddenly wiggle hard in my bathing suit. I'd looked the other way, when she'd turned at me, and said "Want to feel my baby?" When I'd run to her and had felt her baby, my hard erection wiggled even more. Then when she sat down, her then still flat belly had made a double roll, that was when she'd rubbed my bathing suit erection, when I'd felt her baby. At around 2 months pregnant, she didn't even look it.

  • Growing up, when my dad had been alot of times away from home, my mom had bared her body around me, I'd gotten hard erections even at 4 years old. It was back in summer 1979, I was 10, my mom was almost 7 months pregnant at 29, and it was the first time in months my dad was away from home. My mom's then round belly was kind of small for close to 7 months pregnant, when I'd got home from school in early September one day, my mom had flashed me with her blouse lifted up, out came the belly panel of her maternity skirt, baring very little bit of her belly, and what little she'd showed of her bra under her blouse. When I felt the belly panel of her skirt, my erection suddenly wiggled hard in my short shorts. Then I went to my room, took my shirt off, and had rubbed myself down there. Then when I'd got started on my homework, my erection happened again, when my mom had come in my room, and said "Want to feel the baby some more?" When I'd turned, she'd only was in maternity panties stretched almost completely over her belly, and bra, the little bit of bare belly got my erection wiggling hard, when she'd reached down, and had rubbed me there.

  • Do you have a daughter?

  • When I was 10, my mom and me went to Sears, this was the 70s, she wanted me with her in the fitting room, she was checking out bras, oo wow, her b**** were sexy, when me and her got home, I couldn't wait to go in my room and w***.

  • We lived in Wimbledon when we were in London. When buying underwear, I always took my 12-year-old son into the fitting room with me. He always had a hard-on when he saw my shaved pubes. Then I would give him a mouth-job or a hand-job. One day, an assistant walked in as I was swallowing my son's juice. Fortunately, she was a very good friend of mine, so she didn't report it. I realised, however that had been a different assistant, I could have been in deep trouble, so I always left my son outside after that.

  • My mom was 32 when she broke it to me and my then 9 year old sister she was pregnant. I was already 13 in 1971, the 3 of us were in our backyard pool, my dad was at work when it all happened. My mom had on her 2 piece bathing suit, so did my sister, I'd had on my striped sqare cut bathing suit. When me and my sister took turns rubbing the front of my mom's bathing suit bottoms and looking at her tummy, my d*** throbbed big and hard in my bathing suit. I couldn't stop thinking about my mom being pregnant and showing off her tummy, I went in the bathroom, wanked in my bathing suit, then my mom knock on the bathroom door to see if I was ok, I told her I was. That night, when my dad was taking a shower, my mom had come in my room, she'd opened up her bathrobe, there she was in bra and panties, when I felt her baby, my d*** throbbed hard in my bathing suit, the one I swam in that day, the one I got to sleep in that night, then in my sleep, I woke up, felt my hard d*** wiggling when c** shot out in my bathing suit. Then a few weeks later, when my dad was at work, my mom's tummy had grown, I was barechested in my little nylon running shorts when she'd taken off her dress, out came just a little sliver of her then growing tummy between her maternity bra, and half slip. When my d*** got hard in my shorts, my mom done a hand job down there, then I cummed in my shorts.

  • My dad wasn't really around that much, when he was, both he and my mom, 33 then, were so indifferent to each other, it turned me, 11 then, into a mama's boy, 1970 then. Many times, when I grew up, my mom went around our house in her panties and bras, it got me hard all the time, her b****** and legs were that sexy, she'd loved watching Jack Lalanne at the time. My dad never knew this, niether did his brother, only I knew this, in early March 1970, when my dad left the house to take care of something at his buddy's house for some 2 days, my dad's brother snuck in the place at my mom's demands, the 2 of them had s** with each other, I could tell my mom just loved it, he did too, I did too, listening to them made me hard, just days later, my dad's brother had been shipped off to Vietnam only to come home in a coffin, just weekslater. In late March, was Easter break, when my dad was at work, my mom was in her panties and bra watching Jack Lalanne on tv, I got hard just watching her do those exersizes too, showing off her nice flat tummy. One day, that Easter break, we were at the beach, I was hard in my little squarecut bathing suit, it was the rushing ocean waves and my mom's 2 piece bathing suit, she was turned on by how hard I'd gotten in my bathing suit. In early April that year, when my dad was away for a coupke weeks, took care of his brother's funeral arrangements, my mom and me stayed home and had a good time with each other, one Saturday in that time, we both went to the beach in our bathing suits, what a turn on. Then on the last week of May, I got home from school when my mom had opened up her housecoat, there was her slim legs, flat tummy, panties, and bra, I got hard when she announced she was pregnant, though she still didn't look pregnant.

  • Back in 81, I was 15 when my mom was 45, even when she was pregnant, she'd flashed me with all her sheer seethrough nightgowns, it didn't matter if my dad, he was some naif, was home or not, most of the time, he was not home. We had spring break after easter Sunday, by the following Wednesday after easter Sunday, my mom's pregnancy had started showing, it made me super hard, then on the last day of school in June of that year, it happened,I'd gotten in my dolphin short shorts after I got home from school, when my mom said "Here sweetheart, feel my baby." When I turned around, oh wow, she'd had on her half slip, stretched way over her round tummy and bra, just 2 inches of bare tummy. When I felt her baby, I got so hard, I'd started humping and pumping all inside my short shorts.

  • When I was 11, my mum, then in her early 30s, was pregnant, one day when she got 4 months along, my pappy called and said he'd be home very late, he didn't get home till early the next morning, instead of spewing on my pappy, she hung up and invited me in her room to feel her baby, when I got there, she pulled off her blouse, I was huge hard in my short shorts, I undressed from the waist up and went barefooted in my short shorts, my mom's bra was sexy, she'd started having a belly, then she'd pulled off her skirt, out came her knickers, the way they'd been pulled up her growing belly, my heart beat hard, when I felt my mum's belly, I wiggled hard in my short shorts, my mum enjoyed it alot.

  • Honestly you've already got the balling rolling on that one, would probably be best to let them go at it and just roll with it. Do make sure that the normal family pecking order doesn't get rocked though.

  • When I grew up, my dad had almost always gone on long business trips, in all those times it had been just my mom and me. One day, when I turned 7, my mom, then 30, had started dressing in tiny little clothes whenever my dad had gone on those trips, she'd go around the house in her panties and bras, I'd get throbbing hard. She'd had a sexy flat tummy, skinny legs, she'd even encouraged me to get hard. She'd even wanted me to sleep with her when he was gone. She'd started having s** with me when I'd first turned 9. When I was 11, my mom had been pregnant at 34, she'd been 1 1/2 months pregnant when she broke the news to my dad and me, I thought my dad would stick around, he didn't, one week after my mom's pregnancy news, he'd gone on a 7 1/2 month business trip. That day I'd gotten home, she'd been in her bra and panties, I'd gotten so hard in my shorts, my mom had smiled and had wanted me to strip to my briefs and feel her baby, I'd pulled off my jacket shirt shoes socks and short shorts, then there I was in my briefs. When I felt the front of her panties and stared at her then still flat tummy, she'd smiled and stroked my huge wiggling hard bulge in my briefs. Then that day, we both had s** with each other. Then when she'd been 5 months pregnant, she'd started to show, she had on bra and big panties stretched over her then growing tummy. That day I'd brought a friend over to the house, he'd gotten as sexually turned on as I was that day, both he and me had stripped to our briefs and had rubbed ourselves. My mom had even had s** with my friend in front of me, we'd all enjoyed each other.

  • You suggested your wife flash her 13 year son? And she did it? It's a while lot wrong with that picture.

  • I'd love to hear her side of the story.

  • I use to have a neighbor a young gal about 20 that would entertain the local boys almost nightly. They would all sit around smoking weed and then it started, She'd get so turned on the boys would start undressing her and everyone I mean everyone would f*** her good and hard. Never seen her with just one boy it was always like 5 to 17 and some of them kids had c**** bigger than mine and I have 7 1/2 inches. I'd turn out my lights and watch her get f***** over and over buy them kids and I'd always c** so hard the first squirt LOL over 5 feet then it happened, she moved away as quick as she moved in. Damn I miss them nightly shows.

  • When I was I the 11 grade a new couple moved in next door and she would sun bathe in her back yard all the time wearing almost nothing at all and she caught me watching her several times and told me to come over and asked if I would apply lotion to the back side of her and I did. God I got so turned on and I had one h*** of a h******. Then it happened I touched her v***** accident at first but she let out a moan and I did again and the next thing I know I was f****** the h*** out of her and she was me. Twice that afternoon I f***** her and every day after that for the next year a half and she got pregnant by me I know twins she was in her 6th month and had me do her again one hour before her and her husband boarded the plane and that was the last time I saw her. Judy will always be on my mind. One very hot 22 year old.

  • Actually you opened the door and now you have to live with it. I am a wife and have been in the same situation, have done some neighbor boys and my husband has never been the wiser. I look forward to the times he is away for 2 or 3 weeks, sometimes longer.

  • She should not do that

  • You're son is hornet

  • Let her f*** my 8" pierced shaven c*** and that will deal with it

  • My wife teased her son and buddies when they were teens. Now they are in mid twenties and most have kissed her, sucked on her and she's sucked off a couple of them.

  • Maybe I can help. Give me her number and I will f*** her for you

  • U have a very h**** sexy wife. Consider yourself very lucky instead of getting angry. Leave her as she is. Instead make ur son know the fact that it is always better to keep family secrets within the family. Tell him that he can do whatever you r doing with her give her pleasure. Discourage him bring his buddies at home or near his mother. Meanwhile let him know that u support the idea of humping ones own mom. Teach him few tricks to impress ur wife & few moves to to get it better on bed. When u have convinced ur son then spk with ur wife. Tell her how much her son loves her & she should stop showing her assets to him. Instead she should take him on bed & help make him a man from a boy. Tell her u completely support the idea of her getting around with her own son. Arrange for some sexy romantic dates for them or book a honeymoon villa by a sea for them & let them spent some quality. Get urself involved in 3some with them so that ur wife know u still exists. It is always better to have ur wife ride on ur son's c*** than anyone elses. Don't worry about the whole thing as it is very natural for a son to fall for her mother & vise versa. Just enjoy watching ur son pounding his mother from the back

  • Hummm she is like I would like to be, married to a husband who understood her needs when he is gone. I would sure give the boys a go of it if I had the chance. One of my son's friends has been eyeing me and I think I may give him a good time soon. I am so h**** thinking about it now.

  • Please don't wait to long... F*** the boys mind out now

  • Actually as a wife I have been in a similar situation. Husband travels a lot and the neighbor boy comes over and does chores around the house for me and I reward his service by taking care of his hormone level, keeping them under control, if you know what I mean. I think it has made our marriage stronger.
    I finally told my husband and he was glad I was not bar hopping like some wives do.

  • It sounds like the idea of her messing around with other guys would bother you but it wouldnt be as big a deal if it also didnt sound like you're worried she may actually cheat on you behind your back and that indicates a problem of trust.

  • I think this is a very sexy woman you're married to. Don't interfere with her fun. When you go out of town, encourage her to party with the boys.......ALL of them.

  • Why do anything. Incest is soooo common, it's practically normal, but no one talks about it. Shhh.

  • Install a hidden camera in your bedroom that you can watch over the internet. If you catch her, call her and tell her "I hope it was good, b/c it was the most expensive f*** you ever had. you'll be hearing from my divorce attorney soon"

  • How weird.

  • Disgusting.

  • Another confession from over weight middle aged male

  • I would not worry to much.
    If she is over sexed and you are away, she is seeing some else. As for the kids: let her f*** them!
    At least they learn IT in a controlled environment and not on the street.

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