Wife away

My wife is going away for a couple of nights. I know that she will f**k someone else which is fine by me. What i want is for her to come home and tell me all about it.
I know that she will say she didn't do anything and I want her to know that I'm fine with it and really want her to share this with me.
How do I convince her that this is fine with me???

Jun 13, 2015

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  • What I did with my wife, when we were f****** I would ask her how many c**** she had had and her experiences etc. At first she wouldn't share but got into it and told me everything, she had 10 men before me, which made me really hard. Then I would ask her if she had f***** anyone when she came home from a night out and she pretended she had, she could tell I enjoyed it.
    One night she came home, sat on my lap and whispered I have fresh s**** in my p**** I let the cab driver f*** me, like you wanted, I spread her legs and she had no knickers on and her c*** was oozing s**** l fingered her as she told me he was. Indian with a big brown c***, she had flashed her t*** at him and removed her knickers he got in the back with her, she sucked his c*** and he f***** her.
    I kissed her and could smell and taste his s**** in her lips, mouth and c***. She said next time I had to f*** someone and tell her about it.

  • Tell her "I know you are planning to f*** someone else while you are gone. I love the idea of another guy f****** you. I'd love it even more if you would tell me all about it".

  • Get her in bed. think about her doing another guy which will probably make your p**** hard.
    Put her hand on your p**** and tell her that is what happens when you think about her doing another guy.

  • Give her a pack of condoms and say have fun.

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