I was in prison for one year

I got caught selling drugs and I was sentenced to five years in jail. One to serve and five on probation.

While in this prison I saw plenty of gay s** and some of it wasn't consentual. I personally never did anything sexual the whole time I was locked up.

There was a short thin black guy that no one liked and that was because he was doing fifteen to thirty years for raping his nine year old daughter.

He was hit, stabbed and raped.

One day while I was washing clothes he was forced to suck off five men and one of them had a d*** that looked like it belonged to a j******. The rapist was told he had ten minutes to lube his b******* up with vaseline or get f***** dry.

I didn't see him lube himself up but I did see the rape. The guy with the big d*** took about five minures to get his c*** up in the smaller mans butt and the smaller man was in agony but the inmates told him he would be shived in the eye if her screamed.

You could see blood comming out of his torn r***** along with a lot of c**. His mouth writhed in a silent horrible scream.

The big guy got through after really giving it to him.

I was told if I said one word about what I saw they would do worse to me. I told them no problem. I had no sympathy for him or any other child rapist and for all I cared they could kill him.

I was also offered a chance to rape him myself but I told them that I was unable to get it up for a man. Another guy wanted to suck me off but I declined that offer.

I was white in a prison with mostly tough black men and if the rapist had not been there it might have been me writhing in agony on the floor.

As it was the prisoners were so into making this guys life miserable that they didn't even notice me.

I was scared every minute of every day. I did everything in my power not to p*** anyone off but there were guys there who were p***** off every single waking second of the day.

I was released after one year and a smart assed guard told me I'd be back. I told him "wanna bet"?

I got a job in a warehouse and never did anything illegal again. I never took dope and I never drank alcohol until my probation was over. I'd sacrifice everything to stay out of prison. There were times when making the rent meant I'd have to go without eating but it never occurred to me to commit another crime. I'm p*** poor to this day but I do draw a s***** pension check and social security.

This was back in 1977 and I retired from the warehouse three years ago. I still wake up in a cold sweat when I dream about prison. The fear never completely left me.


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  • Prison is h***. And a lot of innocent people end up in there.

  • ...Damn.

    If you come back here and check, please don't feel badly that this hasn't been commented on in almost 4 years. These retards just want to poke each other for attention about sniffing panties and bellies and cutting and other stupid crap, they have no concept of real confessions.

    ITA that you would have been the prison princess if it hadn't been for that child rapist. If you tell your story on other places on the internet, watch out for crazed SJWs trying to dismiss your experience and try to guilt trip you for your "privilege." Don't pay them any mind though, people like you and I who have had actual experience know it doesn't always fly that way.

    Good on you for getting out and staying out. Beating odds like that is no small feat, because no matter how clean you keep your nose once that stigma is on you people will bend over backwards to make your life harder than it needs to be and maybe even see you go back inside. So much for privilege, huh?

    Best of luck in the future, bro.

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