After my second divorce I did not trust women because both of my wives f***** around on me and I tried unsuccessfully one night stands but I wasn't pleased with that either and I have been bi curious for a long time so I ran an add on the Internet and i had my mail box full of guys that wanted to meet but I picked a guy much like myself and we met neither of us had done this before and we were nervous and uncomfortable but we sucked each other off and even later we took turns doing each other a***.
The a*** hurt so bad I thought maybe I should forget it because even days later my butt hole still was tender and sore.
I had had a lot of contacts though so I began talking on the phone with them and masturbating and several if those that had contacted me were T Vs.
Christine lives in Sacramento and we talked several times she even sent me a picture of herself nude and she looked very much female except for her c*** and b**** between her legs.
She wanted to meet with me s I confided that it hurt so bad the last time taking a c*** up my ass and he c*** looked much bigger that Jerrys c*** was so she told me to go to a Adult book store and buy several different size d***** and pick up some Childs numbs it to rub around my b******** then practice with then stretching out my butt hole so I did and the numbs it really worked so I practiced several days and was still talking to Christine as I did but when I would get the c*** head in my my c*** would g soft and she laughed and said a lot of guys do that but come up and she will show me hot to enjoy it so I agreed and she said to bring enough clothes to stay the weekend if I lied it .
Christine ( Chris to her friends ) met me at the door and she looked fantastic in her shorts and blouse and again it looked odd with her beautiful b****** and a big bulge in her shorts and she laughed at my expression as I looked at her crotch and she asked me if I wanted to see her naked and I was really excited no so she undressed until she only had on her panties .
She looked very female except for that bulge and she hooked her thumbs in her waist band and pushed them over her hips and said TA DAAA as her semi hard c*** fell out and it did look huge and she said it is 8 inches long but I don't have to use all of it if it hurts to bad but by now all I wanted to do was suck on that monster and I told her so.
Chris pulled a table chair out and her voice now sounded a little husky as she said Ok and sat down spreading her legs apart and I felt light headed and it was almost an out of body experience as I kneeled in front of her taking her c*** in my hand and it felt soooooo hot her p*** slit would open and close as I stroked her full length watching her c*** head grow in my hand and like asleep walker I leaned over nd licked her c*** head and she moaned in delight .
I licker her shaft and sucked her b**** into my mouth tasting her and het c*** had a sort of metalic taste with a slight salty taste to and Chris began to hunch her hips as I explored her c*** and b**** and in a husky voice she said be careful I haven't been laid for awhile and that set me off I wanted to taste her c** so I sucked her into my mouth and I had to open my mouth wide she was so thick then Chris started to hunch her hips and she was breathing harshly telling me to suck it good baby suck it good an I was really excited and my c*** was hard now to .
My lips were beginning to feel bruised and I don't know hoe ling I had been sucking n her c*** when she said in a raspy voice easy baby I am gong to c** taking the back of my head in he hands and pushing me down onto her c*** and she held me there and I felt her c*** swell up and she was gasping for breath then her c*** began to spurt in thick globs and I was swallowing as fast as I could .
I could hear her moaning and grunting as she came and I wanted to remember every second of this but I was gagging on her c** now so I puled back stoking her c*** as she was gasping for breath as her c*** still pulsed in my hand her c** to my lips and chin then it slowed down and I was milking her c*** for the last of her c** and at the end I could only milk out a little bit and I licked it off of her p*** slit I felt vey proud of myself for some reason and I wanted her to suck me off and let me play with her b****** but she told me to let her settle down first so I watched as her body began to relax and we talked for a few minutes and we changed laces and she sucked me off.
Again we talked for awhile and she told me of other guys she had done this with until she began to get hard again.
I wanted her to butt f*** me so I had brought some a*** lube and she rubbed the numbs it around my b******** and she warned me that the numbs it would also effect her c*** and it would take her a long time to c** then she had me lay back on her bed and and she lifted my legs up over her shoulders and worked a*** lube over her c******* grinning down at me as she rubbed her c*** head up and down between my ass cheeks then I felt the pressure as she began to force her c*** into me and her c*** head felt huge but with the numbs it although I could feel my b******* stretch there was very little pain this time I was looking down my body wanting to see her c*** head disappear and I father stretch even farther then all of a sudden her c*** head was n me and I felt my spinster muscles close around her c*** head as Chris looked down at me her teeth bared in a snarl as she forced more of her c*** into me then she grabbed my hips and began f****** me her face looked strained her jaws were tight as she hunched me and her b****** were moving in circles it all looked so so unbelievable but I could feel her c*** rubbing against my prostrate gland and my c*** was getting hard now to as Chris f***** me .
I don't know how long we had been f****** when it started to feel really good and I reached down and i started stroking my c*** .
I knew that I was going to c** and I did explosively but my c** was almost like water as it squirted out ll over mu belly and chest then I just watched in disbelief as Chris continued f****** me until she also came again and again I felt very proud of myself because I had taken her whole c*** this time.
We spent the weekend together and we have done this a couple times after that to.

Nov 27, 2020

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  • I met a girl in nightclub few years ago name was alison . hot blonde and we went back to my place .kissing and touching and then alison went down in me .most amazing suck i ever had then as i touched her i felt a bulge . i took off her short skirt and her true her was revealed i looked at her in shock . ur a guy . im alison but im also alan . i slid her panties to the side and teased he hard cork into my mouth . it was my 1st n only c*** iv ever had in my mouth . but il never 4get it

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