I hate my wicked stepfather

I love with my mom, stepdad and two sisters. Usually,everyone thinks everything is fine. But our stepdad apparently only knows how to physically and mentally abuse my younger sister and i. He loves his child and everything is always about his child.I really don't know how my mother sees love in this man, but she says that she only wants to get us shelter and food. Every single day, I think about killing myself. I try to speak to others but it's no use.This man embarrasses us infront of neighbours and also in public. He speaks ill about the people we love such as our grandmother. He even abuse my mother by using foul
language fluently on a daily basis.He beats my younger sister which is 11 and mostly slap her more than 35 times in her face until she can't open her eyes. I'm this situation, I am helpless and I don't want my sister and I to be out into foster care. Since there's no help, I might commit suicide.

Jul 31, 2020

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  • Check out r/raisedbynarcissists. He sounds like a narcissistic a****** and your mother sounds like an enabler. You'll learn about both types, what they are, and can vent to others who will understand.

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