I hate my stepdad

I f****** hate my stepdad, he seems like he has some kind of grudge towards me, even though I have never done anything to him. I am a 13 yr F, he’s been with my mom since my 8’s. When we first met he was the sweetest guy, I loved him and was grateful that my mom had found someone as nice as him, I even drew the two of them together as a happy couple! We were a happy family, he was always so caring and loving to us two. But, 3 years ago, when they got married..somehow he changed his personality into a rude-ass ungrateful b******. He would get angry at the smallest details or even at things that I couldn’t control. Believe me, even my mom was by my side (she still is, cause she knows he’s a drama queen)! I tried my best to be a good step-daughter, I even would massage him and do other things for him when I noticed he was wasted from work (please don’t make jokes about it, I mean cook him meals and get him his slippers). Every time he was rude to me my mom would ask me to forget and just act like nothing happened! But now, after three years of just enduring his childish acts, I am completely wasted. You see, 4 months ago my brother was born. My stepdad is absolutely the sweetest to him when he’s quiet, but when my brother is crying, he’s always clicking his tongue and being violent with my brother (not really hurting him, but being very very angry) and not helping my mom at all. These days he’s also much more annoying, if I trip on something and make noise, it’s enough for him to throw a tantrum. My mom said I she’s also tired of his attitude and is not even trying to improve our relationship anymore, she doesn’t even require me to act dumb about his childish acts anymore. I am tired, my mom is tired, but I don’t want my brother to grow up without a dad and neither my mom does. Please, what do I do to suppress this urge to just scream at his face and cut his throat?

P.S. : he already told me that anything I do annoys him, even if my leg touches his while watching tv on the couch.

Feb 13

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  • Have you thought of trying to re connect with him having a baby is stressful plan a week away just you and him so you rwo can reconnect allowing your mom and brother breathing space, I think you will find it's just what everyone needs

  • He sounds like a narcissist. The next time he tells you that something you're doing is bothering him just tell him sarcastically "there are other places in the house for you to go than here". If he says anything back, just roll your eyes and say "WHATEVER DUDE", and keep saying that to him. Narcissists hate that, and they hate being challenged. Check out utube for videos on how to deal with narcissistic behaviors. Oh, and the last thing you want to do is to bow down to all his demands. Once you take control he will shrivel like a coward he is.

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