My body looks like a girls

Im 19 years old and still never had s** with a girl before. Im really embarrassed to even talk to one because i know they dont look at me in a sexual way because the way my body is...I stand 5'5" tall and weigh only 96 lbs. the most embarrassing thing that happened lately is my teacher that ive had a crush on since i met her told me i should go see a doctor because my body looks so i cant even look at her in the eye anymore because i know what shes thinking when she looks at me. Im too embarrassed to talk to anyone i know about it so i tried to get other opinions online. So I posted a few naked photos of myself online (without face) but i just got harassed by a bunch of perverts. And on top of that my naked pics ended up on multiple s****** p*** websites. And sure enough my pics were tagged as petite, tiny, skinny, femboy, ladyboy etc. So now i guess i have peoples opinion of how my body looks. What can I do? Please help!!!!

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  • I wish my body looked more like a girl. I am a woman but sick of all the fat no matter what exercise and sick of this s***.

  • I'm going through the same thing as you are I'm 21 female 5'3 and 98 pounds there's not one place that I go and I don't get asked if I eat or why am I so skinny or if I'm sick.. I always get complemented on how pretty I am but they always end the sentence with "but if you where a bit heavier you would be perfect" it's so annoying becasue right when I start to get comfortable with my body someone just comes along and destroys my confidence but you should try working out and build muscle that's what I am doing right now and I see a little change and just remember to learn to love the body you're in people are always going to talk sh.. No matter what. Best of luck!

  • I am a 31 year old male or at least that is the way I was born and I know what you're going thru for I go thru the same thing daily. My body is that of a girl but I am a male but over the past few years I now have B cup b****** and they are still growing.
    The looks I get from others is unreal and all I want to do is hide. I can no longer hide my b****** and to make matters worst I started in lactating last week, now my shirts get wet from me leaking. Yes I have gone to the doctors to get meds to dry me up BUT they made it worst. It's like my body is betraying me.

  • Hit the gym

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